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bra tions. For a number of years the Synagogue Council of
America circulated notices, over the signatures of its presidents,
to its constituent congregations urging wholehearted participa-
tion, particularly in Jewish Book Sabbath generally scheduled
Parshat T o ledo t.
The warm response of the American rab-
binate reflected their deep concern with the aims of Jewish Book
Month and resulted in their assuming active leadership roles.
JWB through its Commission on Jewish Chaplaincy and Armed
Forces and Veterans Services brought the message of Jewish Book
Month to the men and women in the armed forces of the United
States. Program suggestions geared to meet the needs of the mili-
tary situation were prepared for the use of Jewish chaplains and
the JWB field representatives. The JWB Women’s Organizations
Services distributed many thousands of Jewish books to Ameri-
can GIs. The reports on Jewish book activities held on military
bases, both here and abroad, are truly inspiring. The Jewish
Community Centers affiliated with JWB have always been in the
forefront of this book movement. They have provided lay and
professional leadership, physical facilities and other resources
to interest not only their memberships but also other groups.
The national women’s organizations—notably the National
Federation of Temple Sisterhoods, National Women’s League of
the United Synagogue of America, Women’s Branch of the Union
of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, Hadassah, Pioneer Women,
Mizrachi Women, Women’s Division of the American Jewish
Congress, National Council of Jewish Women—developed many
creative projects for their affiliates which succeeded in bringing
large numbers of Jewish books into Jewish homes.
Jewish youth organizations such as the Zionist groups, the B’nai
B’rith Youth Organization and Hillel Foundations and others
have urged their members to take advantage of the opportunities
for self-realization in Jewish Book Month.
The Yiddishist organizations—Central Yiddish Cultural Organi-
zation, Congress for Jewish Culture, Farband, YIVO Institute
for Jewish Research—as well as the Histadruth Ivrith of America
played significant roles and succeeded in introducing Yiddish and
Hebrew literature into the fabric of community-wide celebra-
tions. The Zionist organizations have also been active partici-
The nationally known Jewish libraries have participated by
arranging exhibits featuring rare books, manuscripts as well as
contemporary literature.
On the local level, every type of Jewish organization has par-
ticipated in Jewish Book Month. Bureaus of Jewish education
affiliated with the American Association for Jewish Education,