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a major portion of volume 12 was reserved for appropriate arti-
cles. The tenth anniversary celebration of Israel presented the
opportunity for reviewing the prolific Hebrew book output of
that State. Thus volume 16 featured articles on Israeli literature
by Joseph Klausner, Simon Halkin, Zev Vilnay and David
Patterson, among others.
A major bibliographical contribution was “The Year’s Book-
shelf,” by Joshua Bloch in volumes 2 to 8. With the increase of
Jewish books Dr. Bloch’s exhaustive survey article was subse-
quently broken down into annotated bibliographies dealing with
different classifications prepared by competent bibliographers.
The status achieved by the
in the Jewish and general
book world is attested by the following excerpts from reviews:
Jewish Book Annual
has gained recognition in the field
of international bibliography and the world of books and is con-
sidered an important instrument which helps to further Jewish
culture” (
Zeitschrift fiir B iblio thk ivesen und B ibliographie).
“This annual [volume 22] is one of the most distinguished in
recent years by the quality of its articles as well as its outstanding
contributors” (.
Antiquarian Bookman).
“All lovers of Jewish
books owe a deep debt of gratitude to the editors and publishers
of this splendid series of annual surveys. The latest is again an
invaluable guide to current publications and literary trends”
Jewish Chronicle).
“It is a fine educational instrument
which can be one of the important means of enhancing the cul-
tural life of the Jewish community
(Jewish Education).
reader realizes the abiding value of the
Jewish Book Annua l
the literary, historical and promotional points of view”
Social Studies).
Whatever be the achievements of the
they are due to
the many contributors of articles, the members of the editorial
advisory board and, above all, to the distinguished editors who
have earnestly striven to improve the literary standards and the
practical utility of the book—Solomon Grayzel, Mortimer J.
Cohen, Sol Liptzin and A. Alan Steinbach.
As a number of the volumes of the
were out of print,
the Council in 1964 entered into an arrangement with Kraus
Reprint Corporation of New York which understook to handle
the distribution of the first eighteen volumes and to reprint
those that were no longer extant.
In Jewish Bookland
The first issue of
In Jewish Bookland
appeared in March, 1945,
following months of prolonged discussion by the Council’s Ex~