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were being celebrated. Over 900 copies of this
M anua l
were dis-
The first publication in the name of the Jewish Book Coun-
cil, aside from the
Jewish Book Annua l
and posters, was also
done by Dr. Soltes. It was
Jewish Book Programs A l l Year ,R ound ,
a pre-print from the 1943
Annua l
whose appearance was delayed
due to the then prevailing war conditions. This piece included
suggestions for activities as well as reports of Jewish book pro-
grams in local communities. With these beginnings as a stimulus,
the Council has since published a variety of program aids listed
in Appendix IV.
An early project of the National Committee was
N ew Books
of Jewish In terest in English, H ebrew and Yiddish: January-
A p r i lf 1942,
compiled by Harry J. Alderman, Daniel Persky and
Solomon Kerstein. This annotated listing included 30 titles of
English books, 11 of Hebrew and 20 of Yiddish. A second issue,
incorporating the first and covering the period of January-Au-
gust, 1942, contained 78 titles of English works, 48 of Hebrew and
30 of Yiddish. (A contrast of these figures with the number of
books of last year is more revealing of the growth of Jewish lit-
erature during the past quarter century than speculative evalua-
tions.) The publication of such lists, originally intended to be
issued three times a year, was discontinued as they were later
included in the
the first volume having appeared at the
end of 1942.
While the
Annua l
includes bibliographies of books published
during the year as well as specialized ones, the Council has pre-
pared a number of separate book listings, some reprinted from
Others have been issued in response to frequent re-
quests or to aid in arousing interest in specific projects.
In general, the Council has sought to gear its publications pro-
gram to the expressed needs of the American Jewish community.
While items which had a comparatively limited circulation or
had outlived their usefulness were discontinued, most of the mate-
rial has been widely disseminated. More than 170,000 booklists,
75,000 program aids and 9,400 copies of plays have been made
available. In addition, 1,910,000 bookmarks and over 200,000
posters for Jewish Book Month and 72,000 flyers have been
There is no doubt that the Council’s publications have had a
significant impact on the growth of libraries, on the wide spread
observance of Jewish Book Month and literary programs through-
out the year, and on the selection of books for purchase and
reading by individuals and libraries.
As mentioned above, more than 200,000 Jewish Book Month
posters found their way to all types of institutions, Jewish and
e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l