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non-Jewish, both here and abroad, where they aided in creating
an atmosphere for local programs and, hopefully, in stimulating
the reading of Jewish books. The poster that proved most popular
and in greatest demand was that by Arthur Szyk, which was used
from 1946 through 1951. Originally published in
zine (now it can be told!), the poster illustration was adapted
by Szyk at the request of the Council. An inset bore the legend
“Books shall be thy companions, book cases and shelves, thy
pleasure-nooks and gardens” by Judah ibn Tibbon. Less well-
known is the 1943 poster, also by Szyk, on the theme of war and
“The City of Books” was the title of the illustration drawn
by the Dutch-Jewish artist, Uriel Birnbaum, which was used on
the posters from 1951 through 1958. Among the other artists who
designed posters for the Council were Mitchell Loeb, Ezekiel
Schloss and Siegmund Forst. The 1967 poster was created by the
distinguished calligrapher Ismar David. A variety of messages
have been featured on the posters, such as, “Torah is Light,”
“Read Jewish Books,” “The Bible: Eternal Book” and “A Jew-
ish Library in Every Jewish Home.”
Mention might be made of the Jewish Book Month poster in
Spanish, Hebrew and Yiddish, printed by the Council in 1965
and distributed to Jewish organizations in Spanish-speaking
countries by the World Federation of YMHAs and Jewish Com-
munity Centers. The Council also printed a special children’s
poster with the legend “A Book is a Good Friend,” which orig-
inally appeared on a cover of
World Over
magazine. “Some Jew-
ish Books for Your Home Library” was the heading of a poster
with a full-size photographic reproduction of a four-shelf case
of English, Hebrew and Yiddish books.
Public Information
The Council has enjoyed a very favorable Jewish press through-
out the country. Feature articles and editorials have appraised
the value of our program in cultivating a wider interest in Jewish
books, and both the national and local activities during Jewish
Book Month receive wide coverage. The daily general press and
the book trade journals have also given recognition to the Coun-
cil’s programs. Publications of the national Jewish organizations
have generously opened their columns to feature Jewish Book
Radio and television, both on local stations and on national
hookups, have been utilized extensively to carry the message of
the Jewish book. In 1949 the Council produced transcriptions of