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two fifteen-minute radio programs for children, adaptations by
Heidy Mayer of
H ab ib i and Yow
by Althea O. Silverman and of
Americans A l l
by Oscar Leonard. These recordings were used by
numerous local radio stations throughout the country. Another
radio transcription program prepared in 1947 on “The Literary
Significance of Purim” was heard on fifty-one radio stations.
The Council’s promotion and publicity campaign is handled
by JWB’s Bureau of Public Information.
General Services
With the growing recognition of the Jewish Book Council of
America as a source of authoritative information on many as-
pects pertaining to Jewish books, the Council is operating what
is in effect an information service. Calls for information are
received in an increasing volume from authors, publishers, pub-
lie libraries, the general press and non-sectarian organizations.
In addition, guidance is given to individuals and to Jewish or-
ganizations in the selection of books, development of libraries
and compilation of specialized booklists.
While the Council cannot aid in the actual sale of books nor
do any specialized promotion for a particular book, it has been
able to alert publishing firms, particularly the general ones, to
the potentialities in the Jewish field.
At the request of the Committee for National Library Week,
the Council prepared a special pamphlet, “National Library Week
and the Jewish Community,” intended to encourage Jewish com-
munity participation in National Library Week in addition to
Jewish Book Month.
Some Words of Gratitude
This chronicle of the Council’s first twenty-five years would be
remiss if it failed to express a warm debt of gratitude to all who
have made its program possible. Without the partnership of many
organizations and the cooperation of hundreds of individuals
there would have been few accomplishments to report. Realizing
that with its limited resources the Council could be only a stim-
ulus in achieving its broad goals, it has been fortunate in having
secured participation of the leaders of numerous agencies who
have given voluntarily and generously of their time, energy and
knowledge to futher its aims.
Thousands of individuals in local communities—Jewish Com-
munity Center lay and professional personnel, the American rab­
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