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value of Jewish books as a source of strength and understanding
for our struggles, our martyrdom and our hopes. Tormentors
have been stronger than the Jew in body, but he has compensated
by cultivating spiritual and intellectual values which became his
shield and his buckler. The Jew saw his role as a member of the
eternal people; therefore, his literature centered around the en-
during verities which are indigenous to his tradition and his
heritage. And always, the book was his catalyst, his steppingstone
to these indestructible truths.
As we look ahead to our second quarter century, we shall be
guided by the admonition Moses was commanded to convey to
the Israelites at the Sea of Reeds: “Speak to the Children of Is-
rael that they go forward.” We shall go forward, seeking within
whatever resources we may mobilize to focus on the Jewish book
as the taper to keep our historic tradition aflame.
On the occasion of this silver anniversary of its founding, the
Council has decided to dedicate Jewish Book Month of 1968 to
the commemoration of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and the
revolts in other ghettos where beleagured Jews, hopelessly out-
numbered, fought
al kiddush haShem.
The theme will be: De-
struction and Reconstruction—Holocaust, Heroism and Hope.”
This theme, through the light of the Jewish book, will be car-
ried to every Jewish community in every part of the world.
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