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(The numbers given below of the copies distributed are con-
servative estimates since records for a few years were not available.)
Jewish Book Council of America: I ts H istory and Program.
A. Alan Steinbach. 1961. 12,000 copies.
Jewish Book Programs
(original title:
Programs for Jewish
Book Mon th).
By Philip Goodman. Suggestions for activities.
1945. 26,000 copies in several revised editions.
Bookmark for Jewish Book Mon th .
Annually from 1942.
1.910.000 copies.
The Jewish Book Shop.
By Isidore Cooperman. 1948. Brief
manual on the conduct of a book shop. 2,000 copies.
A bou t Jewish Books.
By Philip Goodman. 1945. A 128-page
anthology of legends, poems, articles on the values of Jewish
books, 1,000 copies.
Jewish Book Festival.
1949. A program of singing, recitations
and responsive reading for a home ceremony. English edition,
5.000 copies. Yiddish edition, 2,500 copies.
R ead ing Circles for Women.
1953. How to organize and con-
duct. 3,900 copies.
A Manual for Jewish Commun ity Center, School and Congre-
gation Libraries.
By Sophia N. Cedarbaum. 1962. A compre-
hensive manual on the organization and conduct of libraries.
1,400 copies.
Jewish Books in Jewish Schools.
By Philip Goodman. 1952. Sug-
gested activities. 2,300 copies.
A Book R ev iew Symposium .
By Mortimer J. Cohen. 1948.
Technique of conducting a book review program. 4,600
How to Pub licize Your Jewish Book Mon th Programs.
J.W.B. Bureau of Public Information. A publicity manual
with sample releases and feature articles. 2,200 copies in two