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Jewish Book Fairs.
By Abraham Kastenbaum. 1960. A planning
guide. 1,000 copies.
B ib le Programs for Jewish Book Mon th .
By Hannah Grad
Goodman. 1962. Suggested activities for local organizations.
2,300 copies.
The B ible: Eternal Book.
By A. Alan Steinbach. 1962. An essay
reprinted from
Jewish Book Annua l,
vol. 20. 2,000 copies.
American Jewish Translations of the B ible.
By Bernard J.
Bamberger. 1962. An essay reprinted from
Jewish Book An-
vol. 15. 1,500 copies.
The Jewish L ibrary in School, Synagogue and Center.
By Ja-
cob S. Golub. 1948. Revised by Jewish Book Council and
co-published with Jewish Education Committee of New York.
2.000 copies.
Jewish Book M on th in Pub lic Libraries.
By Gertrude Finkel.
Introduction by Joshua Bloch. 1945. Suggestions for appro-
priate programs. 12,000 copies.
Peop le of the Book.
1945. Flyer on aims and program of Coun-
cil. 60,000 copies.
Lecturers and A rtists for Jewish Book Mon th .
By J.W.B. Jew-
ish Center Lecture and Concert Bureau. 1945. 4,000 copies.
r a m a t ic
a t e r ia l
The Magic Book Shop.
By Sally Miller Brash. 1947. 2,800 copies.
If Books Could Talk .
By Sally Miller Brash. 1948. 2,600 copies.
And I t Was W r itten , and I t Shall Be Read .
By Martha Marenoff.
1948. A dramatic reading for adults. 2,400 copies.
The L i t t le Book.
By Than R. Wyenn. 1951. 1,600 copies.
ookl ists
Jewish Books for Your Home.
By Solomon Grayzel. 1945. In-
troductory article describes the books listed. 21,000 copies in
several revised editions.
A Booklist for the Jewish Adu lt.
By Solomon Grayzel. 1954.
14.000 copies in three revised editions.
Some Books of Jewish Interest.
1944. 100 books for lay adults.
15.000 copies in several revised editions.
Selected Books on Israel.
By Sylvia Landress. 1958. Published
in cooperation with the American Committee for Israel’s
Tenth Anniversary Celebration. 10,000 copies.