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Berger, Abraham, and Kaufmann,
Renate, Jewish Encyclopedias and
other Reference Works in the Last
Twenty Years. 15:41-49.
Berger, Abraham, Joshua Bloch. 16:
102-104; Three Paths in Hasidism-
19:67-74; Jewish Division of New
York Public Library. 23:42-47.
Berlin, Rabbi Naftali Zvi Yehudah,
by A. R. Malachi, (H) 25:233-240.
Bernheimer, Charles S., Fifty Years of
American Jewish Year Book.
Bernstein, Edgar, Jewish Writers in
South Africa, 18:54-61.
Bernstein, Simon, by Harry Blum-
berg. 20:111-117.
Bialik, Hayyim Nahman, Before the
Bookcase (poem). (H) [1]: *8-*9.
Bialik, Hayyim Nahman, by Samuel
M. Blumenfield. [l]:59-62; by Max
Zeldner. 11:154-156.
Bialik’s Works in English Transla-
tion, by Jacob Kabakoff. 17:73-81.
Bialostotzky, Benjamin J., Yiddish
Literature After the Hitler Tragedy.
(Y) 7: *52-*62; Joseph Rolnick
(Y) 7: *87; Z. Libin: Pioneer of
Yiddish Literature in America. 11:
169-171; American Yiddish Litera-
ture. 12:34-44; Morris Rosenfeld.
Bialostotzky, Benjamin J., by Israel
Knox. (Y) 21:72-76.
Bible, American Jewish Translations
of the, by Bernard J. Bamberger.
Bible, The, Eternal Book, by A. Alan
Steinbach. 20:5-19.
Bible, Yiddish Translations of, by A.
R. Malachi. (Y) 21:22-40.
Biblical History and Archeology, Re-
cent Selected Books on, by Harry
M. Orlinsky. 18:38-43; 25:176-183.
Bibliographies in Jewish Book An-
nual, List of. 3:52; 4:106-107; 5:
107-108; 7:107-108.
Bickel, Shlomo, The Principal Theme
in the Novels and Stories of Joseph
Opatoshu. (Y) 13:43-48; H. Lei-
vick. (Y) 18:128-134; Yiddish Prose
in America. 25:214-218.
Assaf, Simhah, “People of the Book”
and the Book. (H) 5: *l-*3.
Atlas, Samuel, Solomon Maimon. 9:
Auerbach, Ephraim, Yiddish Writers
in Israel. (Y) 19:46-53; Kadia
Molodowsky. (Y) 24:97-106.
Auerbach, Ephraim, by Melech Rav-
itch. (Y) 21:125-131.
Award Winners, Jewish Book Coun-
cil of America, 13:167-168; 21:237-
240; 22:214-217; 23:233-237; 24:
215-223: 25:359-364; 397-403.
Azulai, Hayim Joseph David (HIDA),
Book Lovers in Israel, by Samuel K.
Mirsky. (H) 3: *27-*29; by Theo-
dore Friedman. 14:63-69.
Bachya, A Perspective of, by Nima H.
Adlerblum. 9:56-62.
Balaban, Meier, by Jacob Shatzky.
(Y) 3: *106-*116; by Julien Hir-
shaut. (Y) 25:226-232.
Bamberger, Bernard J., American
Jewish Translations of the Bible.
Band, Arnold J., Avraham Regelson.
Baron, Salo Wittmayer, by Arthur
Hertzberg. 22:105-108.
Barzilay, Isaac, Solomon Judah Loeb
Rapoport. (H) 25: 249-258.
Bass, S., About the Bookcase. (H)
4: *l-*4.
Bavli, Hillel, Shemuel Hanagid. [1]:
Bavli, Hillel, by Tacob Kabakoff. (H)
Belkin, Samuel, Significance of Jewish
Book Week. [1]:12.
Ben Ezra, Akiva, Guide to Hebrew
Literature. (H) 3: *77-*79; (H) 4:
*37-*47; Reviews of Hebrew Books.
(H) 5: *69-*80; Hebrew Literature
in America in 5710. (H) 9: *27-
Ben-Gurion, David, by G. Kressel.
(H) 24:91-96.
Ben Jacob, Isaac, by G. Kressel. (H)
Ben Yehuda, Eliezer, by Joseph
Klausner. 16:41-46.