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Books, Enemies of, by Isidore S.
Meyer. [2]:41-46.
Books, Heartbeats of, by A. Alan
Steinbach. 22:5-12.
Books, Jewish Love of, by Cecil Roth.
Books of the War Years, by Harry
Schneiderman, 3:45-51.
Book, The—God’s Blueprint, by Ber-
nard Heller. 4:3-8.
Book, The Rise of the Jewish, in
American Publishing, by Charles A.
Madison. 25:81-86.
Boraisha-Fogel, Adah, Shakespeare
Translations in Yiddish. 14:32-37.
Brandwein, Naftali C., S. Y. Agnon.
Broides, R. A.,
of, by E.
R. Malachi. (H) 10: *54-*62.
Broshi, Z., Fire-Scroll of the Jewish
Book (Destruction of Jewish Books).
(Y) [1]: *53-*61.
Buber’s Hasidic Books, Martin, by
Maurice Friedman. 23:6-15.
Buki ben Yogli, An Ignorant Man
Wants to Destroy Books (story).
(H) 3: *17-*26.
Cahan, Poetic Path of Yaakov, by
Isaiah Rabinovich. (H) 19:113-
Canadiana, Literature of Jewish, by
David Rome. 18:44-53.
Cedarbaum, Sophia N., American
Jewish Juvenile Books. 20:164-167;
21:166-169; 22:151-154; 23:159-162;
24:141-144; 25:290-294; American-
Jewish Juvenile Literature During
Past 25 Years. 25:192-203.
Centers, Literary Contributions of
Jewish Community, by Mordecai
Soltes. 12:67-71.
Chagall in the Anglo-Saxon World,
by Alfred Werner. 15:76-83.
Chaikin, J., Seventy-fifth Anniversary
of Yiddish Press in America. (Y)
3: *81-*97.
Chanin, N. Arbeiter Ring Farlag. (Y)
5: *123-*125.
Charles, Gerda, Jewish Short Story
Writers. 21:5-14.
Cherikower, Elias, by Jacob Shatzky.
(Y) 3: *106-*116.
Bikure Haetim Hahadashim,
by Abra-
ham Spicehandler. (H) 5: *46-50.
Biography, American Jewish, by Isi-
dore S. Meyer. 8:77-96.
Blau, Joseph L., Scholarly Works on
Jewish Philosophy and Religion.
Bloch, Joshua, American Jewish Lit-
erature: A Tercentenary Review.
12:17-28; Shakespeare in Hebrew
Garb. 14:23-31; Moritz Stein-
schneider. 15:88-93; Year’s Book-
shelf. [2]:8-15; 3:7-19; 4:16-32; 5:
3-28; 6:3-42; 7:3-49; 8:3-41.
Bloch, Joshua, by Abraham Berger.
Bloch Publishing Company, Hundred
Years of the, by Solomon Grayzel.
Blumberg, Harry, Moses ibn Ezra.
18:81-85; Simon Bernstein. 20:111-
Blumenfield, Samuel M., Hayyim Nah-
man Bialik. [l]:59-62; Rashi and
the Problem of Jewish Adjustment
in His Time. 14:56-62; Books on
History and Philosophy of Jewish
Education. 25:155-164.
Bookcase, About the, by S. Bass. (H)
4: *l-*4.
Book Collections and Collectors, Fa-
inous Jewish, by Cecil Roth. 25:75-
Book Collections in America, Jewish
Libraries and, by Solomon Kerstein
(Y) 3: *142-*159.
Book, Jewish Festival for the, by Ja-
cob Levin. (Y) 4: *85-*89.
Book, Jewish, Fire-Scroll of the
(Destruction of Jewish Books), by
Z. Broshi. (Y) [1]: *53-*61.
Book Lore: Ladies and Converts and
Tomes, by Solomon FefFer. 19:3-16.
Bookplates, Love of Books as Re-
vealed in Jewish, by Philip Good-
man. 12:77-90.
Book Programs, Suggestions for Book
Exhibits and, by Hayyim Kibel.
(H) [2]: *43-*47.
Books and Authors, Tales about, by
S.J. Agnon. (H) 3: *30-*34.
Books, Back of the, by Bernard G.
Richards. 3:32-37.