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u m u l a t iv e
it l e
a n d
u t h o r
n d e x
by Dan Pines. (H) 8: *58-*61.
Davidowitz, Ida B., Israeli Drama. 20:
Dead Sea Scrolls, Selected Books on,
by Cyrus H. Gordon. 17:12-18.
Destruction of Jewish Books-Fire-
Scroll of the Jewish Book, by Z.
Broshi. (Y) [1]: *53-*61.
Dick, Eisig Meir, by Mordecai Kos-
over. (Y) 25:241-248.
Diener, B., Books of Science in Pales-
tine. (H) 6: *28-*39.
Dienstag, Jacob I., English-Jewish Lit-
erature in Hebrew Translation.
(H) 8: *35-*47; Maimonides: A
Selected Bibliography, 13:58-69;
Mendel Gottesman Library of Ye-
shiva University. 22:51-57.
Disputations, Literature of Jewish
Religious, by Judah M. Rosenthal.
DP Camps, Hebrew Literary Publica-
tions in, by William Z. Dalin and
Eliezer Estrin. (H) 6: *23-*27.
Drama, Israeli, by Ida B. Davidowitz.
Drama, Yiddish, by Jacob Shatzky.
(Y) 10: *106-115.
Dropsie College and Its Contribu-
tions to Jewish Literature, by Mor-
timer J. Cohen. 13:29-38.
Dropsie College Library, by Menahem
G. Glenn. (H) 3: *71-*74; by Saul
Israel Wisemon. 24:45-49.
Dubnow’s Thought, Sources of Simon,
by Aaron A. Steinberg. 19:80-84.
Duker, Abraham G., Bibliography of
Publications on Jewish Post-war
Problems. [2]: 16-22; EHיtor’s Pref-
ace. 6:2.
Dworkin, Evlin Yehoash, Yehoash At
His Work. 11:186-188.
East-European Jewry in the United
States, Literature on the Pioneer
Era of, by Moshe Starkman. (Y)
Edelmann, R., Jewish Collections in
Royal Library of Copenhagen. 24:
Edelstein, Menahem M., Educational
Literature, (H) 5: #39-*43.
Children with Book Gifts, Appropri-
ate Days for Presenting, by Chaim
Grant. (Y) [1]: *78-*82.
Churgin, Gershon A., Nahman Kroch-
mal. (H) 8: *48-*52; Isaac Erter.
(H) 9: *57-*62.
Churgin, Pinkhos, Joseph Klausner-
Encyclopedic Author. (H) [2]: *24-
*27; S. A. Horodetsky. (H) [2]: *28-
Toledot Ha-Halakah.
(H) 4:
*33-*36; Writings of Rabbi J. L.
Fishman. (H) 5: *44-*45.
Churgin, Pinkhos, by Sidney B.
Hoenig. 16:105-107.
Codes, Jewish, by Samuel K. Mirsky.
Cohen, Boaz, Leopold Zunz, [2]: 50.
Cohen, Jacob, by A. R. Malachi. (H)
[I]: *23-*24.
Cohen, Mortimer J., Jewish Charac-
ters in Gentile Fiction. [1]: 63-72;
Ssyk-Illustrator of Jewish Books. 5:
70-77; Introduction. 9:1-2; 10:1-2;
Great Jewish Books and Civiliza-
tion. 11:3-11; The Dropsie College
and its Contributions to Jewish
Literature. 13:29-38.
Cohon, Samuel S., Kaufmann Kohler.
Collective Works,
Handbooks, etc. (Y) [1]: *105-*106.
Columbia University, Hebrew Col-
lections at, by Isaac Mendelson.
(H) [2]: *51-*54.
Copenhagen, Jewish Collections in
Royal Library of, by R. Edelmann.
Criticism, Yiddish Literary, by Moshe
Starkman. 24:31-37.
Curiosities in Hebrew Literature, by
Daniel Persky. (H) [2]: *34-*42;
(H) 3: *52-*59; (H) 4: *51-*58;
(H) 5: *51-*58; (H) 6: *45-*49;
(H) 7: *28-*32; (H) 8: *62-*66.
Dalin, William Z. and Estrin, Eliezer,
Hebrew Literary Publications in
DP Camps. (H) 6: *23-*27.
Daniel Deronda, by Sol Liptzin. 10:
Daniel, P., Recent Outstanding He-
brew Books in America. (H)