Page 438 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 25

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Historiography, Israel’s New, by Sid-
ney B. Hoenig. 22:15-19.
History, Bibliography of American
Jewish, by Jacob Rader Marcus.
[2]:25-50. '
History, Graetz’s Structuring of Jew-
ish, by Solomon Grayzel. 25:82-86.
Hodess, J., Recent Jewish Books in
England. 5:52-65.
Hoenig, Sidney B., Pinkhos Churgin.
16:105-107: Israel’s New Historiog-
raphy. 22:15-19.
Homiletical Literature of Past Dec-
ade, by Aaron Greenbaum. (H) 7:
Homiletics, Hebrew Books on, by Is-
rael Porath. (H) 4: *28-*52.
Homiletics, Jewish, by Israel H. Weis-
feld. 4:50-58.
Horodetsky, S. A., by P. Churgin.
[2]: *28-*29.
Horowitz, Mayer, Bibliography of
Yiddish Translations of English
Literature. (Y) 11:156-155.
Hungary, Recent Jewish Literature
in, by Francis Hevesi. 6:71-75.
Hyamson, Albert M., Recent Jewish
Books in England. 8:61-67: Recent
Jewish Books in English. 11:52-40.
Ibn Ezra, Abraham, by Solomon
Grayzel. [1]: 44-46: by A. M. Ha-
berman. (H) 24:61-64.
Ibn Ezra, Moses, by Harry Blum-
berg. 18:81-85.
Index, Cumulative Title and Author.
Israel: Books in the Land of the
Book, by Pinchas E. Lapide. 25:
Israel, Hebrew Books of, by Mena-
hem G. Glenn. (H) 11:60-94; (H)
15:145-159; (H) 14:151-161; (H)
15:167-175; (H) 16:191-201; by Ahi
Sefer. (H) 17:169-178; (H) 18:
219-228; (H) 19: 198-205; (H) 20:
213-219; (H) 21:216-227; 22:196-
206: 23:206-222; 24: 185-204; 25:
Israel, Jewish Studies in the Ten
Years of the State of, by G. Kressel.
(H) 17:19-27.
Hebrew Works of Reference, by A.
R. Malachi. (H) [2]: *55-*79.'
Hebrew, Zionist Literature in, by
Hayyim Leaf. (H) 5: *25-*58.
Heidenheim, Literary Contributions
of Wolf, by Solomon Feffer. 14:
Heine’s Homecoming, by Sol Liptzin.
Heller, Bernard, The Book-God’s
Blueprint. 4:5-8.
Heroic Element in Jewish Life and
Literature, by Trude Weiss-Ros-
marin. 4:9-15.
Hertzberg, Arthur, Salo Wittmayer
Baron. 22:105-108.
Herzl, Theodor, the Playwright, by
Oskar K. Rabinowicz. 18:100-115.
Heskes, Irene, Jewish Music Litera-
ture 23:34-41.
Hess, Moses, by Meyer Waxman. 8:
Hess’ Rome and Jerusalem, by Her-
bert Parzen. 19:75-79.
Hevesi, Francis, Recent Jewish Lit-
erature in Hungary. 6:71-75.
Hezkuni, M., Bibliography of Current
Yiddish Works. (Y) [2]: *123-*129;
Samples of Old Yiddish Journalism
in America. (Y) 5: *98-* 101; Ogen
Publishing Co. (H) 5: *66-*68;
Reviews of Yiddish Books. (Y) 5:
*158-* 154; (Y) 6: *91-*101; A. R.
Malachi. (H) 25:107-114.
HIDA, Book Lovers in Israel by Sam-
uel K. Mirsky. (H) 5: *27-*29.
Hirsch, Samson Raphael, by Isaiah
Isidor Grunfeld. 21:94-105.
Hirshaut, Julien, Pioneers in Jewish
History of Poland (Meir Balaban
and Isaac Shipper). (Y) 25:226—252.
Histadruth Ivrith, by Mordecai Ha-
levi. (H) 5: *59-*65.
Historians of Jews in Poland (Meir
Balaban and Isaac Shipper) , by
Julien Hirshaut. (Y) 25:226-232. '
Historians, Three Jewish, Elias Cheri-
kower, Isaac Shipper, Meier Bala-
ban, by Jacob Shatzky. (Y) 3:
Historical Fiction on Jewish Themes,
by Harold U. Ribalow. 23:65-69.