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4 17
Jewish Book Council of America, by
Solomon Kerstein. (H) 6: *50-
*52; (Y) 6: *102-*104.
Jewish Book Council of America, A
Chronicle of the, by Philip Good-
man. 25:566-403.
Jewish Book Council of America, An-
nual Report, by Philip Goodman.
4:108-110; 5:109-113; 6:89-94; 7:
109-113; 8:109-114; 9:70-75; 10:52-
59; 11:189-199; 12:171-177; 13:160-
166; 14:162-168; 15:176-182; 16:
202-211; 17:179-184; 18:229-238;
19:206-213; 20:220-225; 21:228-236;
22:207-213; 23:223-232; 24:205-214.
Jewish Book During the Nazi Era, by
Philip Friedman. 15:3-13.
Jewish Book in American Publishing,
Rise of the, by Charles A. Madison.
Jewish Book Month Observance in
1960, by Samuel Asofsky. 19-214-
Jewish Book Programs All Year
Round, by Mordecai Soltes. [2]: 1-7.
Jewish Book Shelf for Adults, by
Mordecai Soltes. 4:44-49.
Jewish Books of 20th Century, Out-
standing, by Meyer Waxman. 4:
Jewish Book Week, Observance of, by
Mordecai Soltes. [1]: 17-36.
Jewish Book Week, Significance of, by
Samuel Belkin, Israel Efros, Louis
Finkelstein, Israel Goldstein, H.
Leivick, Julian Morgenstem, Frank
L. Weil, Maurice Wertheim, S. S.
Wise. [1]: 12-16.
Jewish Collections in the Royal Li-
brary of Copenhagen, by R. Edel-
mann. 24:38-44.
Jewish Community Centers, Literary
Contributions of, by Mordecai
Soltes. 12:67-71.
Jewish Division of New York Public
Library, by Abraham Berger. 23:
Jewish Institute of Religion, Hebrew
Collections in, by Isaac Mendelson.
(H) [2]: *51-*54.
Jewish Publication Society, First
American, by Solomon Grayzel. 3:
Israel, Libraries in, by Carl Alpert.
Israel, Periodical Press in, by G.
Kressel. (H) 21:82-87.
Israel, Recent American Books on
Zionism and, by Carl Alpert. 9:
23-26; 10:15-18.
Israel’s New Historiography, by Sid-
ney B. Hoenig. 22:13-19.
Israel, Some Younger Poets of, by
Sholom J. Kahn. 18:20-37.
Israel, Ten Years of Yiddish Litera-
ture and Culture in, by Mordecai
Jaffe. (Y) 16:23-35.
Israel, War Poetry in, by P. Lander.
(H) 8: *25-*34.
Israel, Yiddish Literature and Press
in, by S. Ernst. (Y) 8: *113-*121.
Israel, Yiddish Literature in, by Sol
Liptzin. 23:48-54.
Israel, Yiddish Writers in, by Eph-
raim Auerbach. (Y) 19:46-53.
Israel and Zionism, American Books
on, by Carl Alpert. 11:19-21; by
Solomon Kerstein. 12:104-107; 13:
82-84; 14:94-96; 15:109-111. See al-
so Non-fiction Books.
Israeli Books.
Hebrew Books.
Israeli Drama, by Ida B. Davidowitz.
Israeli Literature in English Garb, by
Jacob Kabakoff. 16:55-67.
Israeli Novelists, Sabra School of, by
Ezra Spicehandler. 19:33-45.
Jacobowsky, C. Vilh., Jewish Litera-
ture in Sweden and in Swedish.
Jacobs, Maurice, Two Generations of
Jewish Literary Labor. 7:89-100.
Jaffe, Mordecai, Ten Years of Yid-
dish Literature and Culture in Is-
rael. (Y) 16:23-35.
Jeshurin, Y., Dr. Chaim Zhitlovsky,
Bibliography. (Y) [2]: *102-*108;
Bibliography of Sh. Niger. (Y) [2]:
*115-* 119; Bibliography of Mani
Leib. (Y) [2]: *120-* 122.
Jewish-American Imaginative Writ-
ings in Last 25 years, by Charles
Angoff. 25:129-139.