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Library at Dropsie College, by Mena-
hem G. Glenn. (H) 3: *71-*74; by
Saul Israel Wisemon. 24:45-49.
Library, Hebrew Union College, bv
Herbert C. Zafren. 20:45-52.
Library, Jewish Public in Montreal,
by M. Ravitch. (Y) 4: *90-95.
Library, Jewish Theological Seminary
of America, by Nahum M. Sarna.
Library, Yeshiva University, Mendel
Gottesman, by Jacob I. Dienstag.
Lichtenbaum, Joseph, Modern He-
brew Prose. (H) 16:3-22.
Liessin, A., Early Poetry, by Sh. Ni-
ger. (Y) 7: *73-*82; by A. Glanz-
Leyeles. (Y) 22:89-96.
Lifshitz, Hayyim, Hebrew Books for
Youth. (H) [1]: *34-*39.
Liptzin, Sol, Daniel Deronda. 10:43-
46: Introduction. 11:1-2; Abraham
Mapu: Dreamer of Zion. 11:172-
175; After Three Hundred Years:
The Literary Legend of the Jew-
and the Reality. 12:3-16; Heinrich
Heine’s Homecoming. 13:55-57;
David Pinski: Nestor of Yiddish
Literature. 15:84-87; Kasrilevke Re-
valuated: On the Centenary of
Sholom Aleichem’s Birth. 16:90-
95; Yiddish Drama: A Century’s
Survey. 18:12-19; The Yiddish
Press: A Century’s Survey. 19:60-
66; Yiddish Lyrics: A Century’s Sur-
vey. 20:37-44; Yiddish Fiction: A
Century’s Survey. 21:41-48; Yiddish
Literature in Israel. 23:48-54; A.
Glanz-Leyeles. 25:116-122.
Lisitzky, E. E., by Eisig Silberschlag.
(H) 21:66-71.
Literary Legend of the Jews-and the
Reality, by Sol Liptzin. 12:3-16.
Lowenthal, Marvin, On Community
Libraries. 18:3-11.
Luzzatto, S. D., by Noah H. Rosen-
bloom. 22:66-70.
Madison, Charles A., Rise Of the Jew-
ish Book in American Publishing.
Maharam of Lublin, by Menahem G.
Glenn. (H) 23:77-81.
Books. (Y) 4: *121-*126; Inherit-
ance from the Grandfather. (Y) 6:
Levin, Jacob, by Yudel Mark. (Y)
Levin, Meyer, The Jewish Writer:
His Work and His Public. 16:81-
Levinsohn, Isaac Baer, by Menahem
G. Glenn. 17:59-64.
Levy, Felix A., Ludwig Lewisohn.
14:46-55; Abraham Geiger. 18:86-
Lewisohn, Ludwig, A Panorama of a
Half-Century of American-Jewish
Literature. 9:3-10.
Lewisohn, Ludwig, by Felix A. Levy.
Lexicography, Yiddish, by Shlomo
Nobel. 19:17-22; Great Dictionary
of Yiddish Language, by Gershon
Winer. 20:53-56.
Leyeles, A. See Glanz-Leyeles, A.
Libin, Z., Pioneer of Yiddish Litera-
ture in America, by B. I. Bialo-
stotzky. 11:169-171.
Libraries Among Nations of World
and People of Israel, by Gotthold
Weil. (H) 4: *5-* 12.
Libraries! and Book Collections in
America, Jewish, by Solomon Ker-
stein. (Y) 3: *142-*159.
Libraries, Collections of Hebrew
Books in Public, by A. I. Katsh.
(H) [2]: *48-*50.
Libraries for Jewish Layman, by Mae
Weine. 24:50-54.
Libraries in Europe, Restoration of
Jewish, by Simon Federbusch. (H)
3: *63-*65; (Y) 3: *173-*176.
Libraries in Israel, by Carl Alpert.
Libraries, Jewish, and Public Libraries
with Yiddish Book Collections! in
New York. (Y) [1]: *109-*110.
Libraries, On Community, by Marvin
Lowenthal. 18:3-11.
Libraries and Universities, Jewish
Book Collections in American, by
Solomon Kerstein. (Y) 4: *104-
Library (essay), by Daniel Persky.
(H) 3: *75-*76.