Page 445 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 25

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Press, American-Yiddish, Bibliogra-
phy, by Moshe Starkman. (Y) 3:
Press, Daily Yiddish, by Moshe Stark-
man. (Y) 10: *116-* 120.
Press, Jewish, in Liberated Countries,
by S. Frydman-Szajkowski. (Y) 5:
- *
Press, Jewish, Survey of the, by Jacob
S. Minkin. 3:53-58.
Press, Yiddish, A Century’s Survey,
by Sol Liptzin. 19:60-66.
Press, Yiddish, and Literature in Is-
rael, by S. Ernst. (Y) 8: *113-*121.
Publishing, Hebrew, History of, by
Yochanan Pograbinsky. (H) 9:
*36-*56; (H) 10: *37-*53.
Rabinovich, Isaiah, The Poetic Path
of Yaakov Cahan. (H) 19:113-119;
Uri Zvi Greenberg. (H) 22:97-104.
Rabinowicz, Oskar K., Herzl the Play-
wright. 18:100-115.
Rapoport, Solomon Judah Loeb, by
Samuel Pitlik. [1]:47-49; by Isaac
Barzilay. (H) 25:249-258.
Rashi and the Problem of Jewish Ad-
justment, by Samuel M. Blumen-
field. 14:56-62.
Ravid, Zevulun, Judah L. Gordon.
(H) 24:69-76.
Ravitch, M., Jewish Public Library
in Montreal. (Y) 4: *90-*95; Abra-
ham Reisin. (Y) 5: *81-*86; Morris
Rosenfeld. (Y) 6: *71-*77; Recent
Yiddish Books. 7:58-66; (Y) 7:
*33-*51; 8:53-60; (Y) 8: *69-*112;
The World and the Word of A.
Ephraim Auerbach. (Y) 21:125-
134; A. Almi. (Y) 22:61-65.
Reference Books, Jewish, A Select
List, by Herbert C. Zafren. 20:57-
Reference Works in the Last Twenty
Years, Jewish Encyclopedias and,
by Abraham Berger and Renate
Kaufmann. 15:41-49.
Regelson, Avraham, by Arnold J.
Band. 23:115-119.
Reisen, Abraham, by Melech Ravitch.
(Y) 5: *81-*86; by Philip Rubin.
Pinski, David, Selected Plays of, by
Sh. Niger. (Y) 6: *53-*63.
Pinski, David, by Sh. Niger. 11:178-
182; by Sol Liptzin. 15:84-87.
Pitlik, Samuel, Solomon Judah Loeb
Rapoport. [l]:47-49; Micah Joseph
Lebensohn. 11:164-168.
Playwrights, Anglo-Jewish, by Charles
S. Spencer. 22:42-50.
Before the Bookcase, by Hayyim
Nahman Bialik. (H) [1]: *8-*9.
The Letters, by Aaron Zeitlin. (H)
[2]: *1.
The Librarian, by H. A. Friedland.
(H) 3: *44.
There is Said to be a Land, by Saul
Tchernichowsky. (H) [2]: *7.
Poetry, Contemporary Jewish-Ameri-
can, by Charles Angoff. 15:27-32.
Poetry, War, in Israel, by P. Lander.
(H) 8: *25-*34.
Poetry. Yiddish Lyrics: A Century’s
Survey, by Sol Liptzin. 20:37-44.
Poets of Israel, Some Younger, by
Sholom J. Kahn. 18:20-37.
Pograbinsky, Yochanan, History of
Hebrew Publishing. (H) 9: *36-
*56; (H) 10: *37-*53.
Polish, David, The Intellectual World
of Ahad Ha’am. 15:68-75.
Pomerantz, Alexander, The Tragic
Fate of Yiddish Writers in Soviet
Russia. (Y) 15:14-26.
Porath, Israel, Survey of Hebrew
Books on Homiletics. (H) 4: *28-
Postal, Bernard, JWB’s Role in
American Jewish Cultural Life. 25:
Post-War Problems, Bibliography on
Jewish, by Abraham G. Duker. [2]:
Poznanski, Edward, Hebrew Univers-
ity Press. 4:74-79.
Preil, Gabriel, Recent Books in Israel.
Press, American-Hebrew, by Daniel
Persky. (H) 9: *l-*8.
Press, American-Yiddish, by J. Chaik-
in (Y) 3: *81-*97.