Page 448 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 25

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Tchernichowsky, Saul, There is Said
to be a Land (poem). (H) [2]: *7.
Tchernichowsky, Saul, by Menachem
Ribalow. (H) [2]: *2-*6; by Eisig
Silberschlag. 25:219-225.
Toledot ha-Halakah,
by P. Churgin
(H) 4: *33-*36.
Translation, American Classics in
Hebrew, by Eisig Silberschlag. 24:
Translation, Hebrew Literature: The
Art of the, by David Patterson. 16:
Translations of Bible, American Jew-
ish, by Bernard J. Bamberger. 15:
Translations of Bible, Yiddish, by A.
R. Malachi. (Y) 21:22-40.
Trommer, Elbert A., Morris Rosen-
feld. [l]:53-58; Summary of Yiddish
Section. [l]:79-80.
Trunk, Isaiah, Jacob Shatzky. (Y)
Turner, Justin G., Philip L. Seman.
Twersky, Johanan, Influence of He-
brew Literature on World Culture.
(H) [2]: *8-* ll.
Vilnay, Zev, Illustrations of Eretz-
Israel in Hebrew Manuscripts and
Prints. 16:36-40.
Warsaw Ghetto, Bibliography of the,
by Philip Friedman. 11:121-128.
Waxman, Meyer, Some Outstanding
Jewish Books of the Twentieth
Century. 4:33-43: Moses Hess. 8:
Waxman, Meyer, by Leonard G.
Mishkin. 13:39-42.
Webber, George J., Recent Jewish
Books in English (Published Out-
side of the U.S.A.), 13:135-144: 14:
145-150; 15: 161-166.
Weil, Frank L., Significance of Jewish
Book Week. [1]:15.
Weil, Gotthold, Libraries Among the
Nations of the World and the Peo-
pie of Israel. (H) 4: *5-12.
Weine, Mae, Libraries for Jewish
Layman. 24:50-54.
Stampfer, Judah, S. Y. Agnon. 25:17-
Starkman, Moshe, Sixty Years of Sci-
entific Literature in Yiddish in
America, Bibliography. (Y) [1]:
*83-*93; Beginnings of Yiddish
Literature in America. (Y) [2];
*89-*95; Selected Bibliography on
Yiddish Press in America. (Y) 3:
*102-*105; Recent Yiddish Books.
4:68-73; Reviews of Yiddish Books.
(Y) 4: *138-* 150; 70th Anniver-
sary of Yiddish Daily Press. (Y) 10:
*116-* 120; Literature on the Pi-
oneer Era of East-European Jewry
in the United States. (Y) 12:60-
66; Jewish Literary Anniversaries:
A Listing. 13:70-72; Yiddish Lit-
erary Criticism. 24:31-37.
Steinbach, Alexander Alan, Themes
for Jewish Writing. 16:85-89; In-
troduction, 16:1-2; 17:1-2; 18:1-2;
19:1-2; 20:1-2; 21:1-4; 22:1-4; 23:
1-5; 24:1-4; 25:1-4; The Bible:
Eternal Book. 20:5-19; Heartbeats
of Books 22:5-12; Nelly Sachs-
Nobel Laureate. 25:42-52.
Steinberg, Aaron A., The Two Sources
of Simon Dubnow’s Thought. 19:
Steinschneider, Moritz, by Joshua
Bloch. 15:88-93.
Stern, Sholem, Jewish National
Themes in Contemporary Yiddish
Literature of Soviet Union. (Y) 5:
Story. An Ignorant Man Wants to
Destroy Books, by Buki ben Yogli.
(H) 3: *17-*26.
Stybel Publishing House, by M. Z.
Frank. (H) 3: *60-*62.
Sweden and in Swedish, Jewish Lit-
erature in, by C. Vilh. Jacobowsky.
Szold, Henrietta, as Writer, by Irving
Fineman. 18:95-99.
Szyk, Arthur, Illustrator of Jewish
Books, by Mortimer I. Cohen. 5:
Tcharney, Daniel, Louis LaMed Fund
to Encourage Literature in Hebrew
and Yiddish. (Y) [2]: *109-*114.