Page 450 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 25

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Yiddish Literature, Trends in Con-
temporary, by S. Niger. (Y) 13:
Yiddish Lyrics: A Century’s Survey,
by Sol Liptzin. 20:37-44.
Yiddish Periodicals in America. (Y)
[1]: *106-*108.
Yiddish Press in America, by J.
Chaikin. (Y) 3: *81-*97.
Yiddish Press: A Century’s Survey,
by Sol Liptzin. 19:60-66.
Yiddish Press in America, Bibliogra-
phy, by Moshe Starkman. (Y) 3:
Yiddish Prose in America, by Shlomo
Bickel. 25:214-218.
Yiddish Secular Schools Help Spread
Yiddish Books, by H. Novack. (Y)
[1]: *62-*69.
Yiddish, Soviet, Literature, 1918-1948,
by Elias Schulman. (Y) 9: *93-
Yiddish Translations from Hebrew-
evaluation, by Yudel Mark. (Y) 7:
Yiddish Translations of Bible, by A.
R. Malachi. (Y) 21:22-40.
Yiddish Translations of English Lit-
erature, Bibliography of, by Mayer
Horowitz (Y) 11:136-153.
Yiddish Writers in Israel, by Eph-
raim Auerbach. (Y) 19:46-53.
Yiddish Writers in Soviet Russia,
Tragic Fate of, by Alexander Pom-
erantz. (Y) 15:14-26.
YIVO Library, by Dina Abramowicz.
YIVO-Yiddish Scientific Institute, by
Israel Knox. [2] :47-49: by Shlomo
Noble. (Y) 4: *96-* 103.
Yizkor Books, A Survey and Evalua-
tion of, by Elias Schulman. 25:184-
Youth, Hebrew Books for, by Hayyim
Lifshitz. (H) [1]: *34-*39.
Zafren, Herbert C., Jewish Literary
Anniversaries. 14:76-84; 15:94-99;
16:96-101; Jewish Reference Books
-A Select List. 20:57-69; The He-
brew Union College Library. 20:
Yiddish Books, Reviews of. (Y) [2]:
*130-* 138; by Moshe Starkman.
(Y) 4: *138-*150; (Y) 5: *138-
*154; by Hezkuni. (Y) 6: *91-*101.
Yiddish Daily Press, by Moshe Stark-
man. (Y) 10: *116-* 120.
Yiddish Drama, by Jacob Shatzky.
(Y) 10: *106-*115.
Yiddish Fiction, A Century’s Survey,
by Sol Liptzin, 21:41-48.
Yiddish Journalism in America, Sam-
pies of Old, by M. Hezkuni. (Y) 3:
Yiddish Juvenile Literature, by Yudel
Mark. (Y) 3: *136-* 141.
Yiddish Lexicography, by Shlomo
Noble. 19:17-22; Great Dictionary
of Yiddish Language, by Gershon
Winer. 20:53-56.
Yiddish Literary Criticism, by Moshe
Starkman. 24:31-37.
Yiddish Literature After Hitler Trag-
edy, by Benjamin J. Bialostotzky,
(Y) 7: *52-*62.
Yiddish Literature, A Half-Century
of American, by Jacob Shatzky. (Y)
9: *67-*69.
Yiddish Literature, American, by B.
J. Bialostotzky. 12:34-44.
Yiddish Literature, Grandfather of
Modern, by Yudel Mark. 24:77-86.
Yiddish Literature in America, Be-
ginnings of, by M. Starkman. (Y)
[2]: *89-*95.
Yiddish Literature, Beginnings of
New, by Sh. Niger. (Y) 3: *117-
Yiddish Literature and Culture in
Israel, Ten Years of, by Mordecai
Jaffe. (Y) 16:23-35.
Yiddish Literature in Hebrew Trans-
lation, by Hayyim Leaf. (H) 7:
Yiddish Literature in Israel, by Sol
Liptzin. 23:48-54.
Yiddish Literature, Modern, in Eng-
lish Translation, by Shlomo Noble.
Yiddish Literature and Press in Is-
rael. by S. Ernst. (Y) 8: *113-*121.
Yiddish Literature of Soviet Union,
Contemporary, by Sholem Stern.
(Y) 5: *103-*111.