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“Metamorphosis” and “A Whole Loaf,” trans. by I. Schen and
I. M. Lask, respectively, in
A Whole Loaf: Stories From Israel,
by Sholom J. Kahn. New York, Vanguard, 1962.
“Purim Gifts” (extracts from
The Bridal Canopy
), in
Purim Anthology,
ed. by Philip Goodman. Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1949.
“Sabbathai,” trans. by I.M. Lask, in
ed. by Joseph
Leftwich. New York, Thomas Yoseloff, 1963.
“Tehilah,” trans. by Walter Lever, in
Israeli Stories,
ed. by
Joel Blocker. New York, Schocken Books, 1963. Also trans. by
I.M. Lask, in
Tehilla and Other Israel Tales.
New York, Abelard-
Schuman, 1956.
“The Doctor's Divorce,” and “Tehilla,” trans. by Robert Alter
and I.M. Lask respectively, in
Hebrew Short Stories,
vol. 1, ed.
by S.Y. Penueli and A. Ukhmani. Tel Aviv, Institute for the Trans-
lation of Hebrew Literature and Megiddo Publishing Co., 1965.
“The Jack-of-All-Trades,” “The Story of the Cantor” and “A
Jewish Cat,” (extracts from
The Bridal Canopy
), in
A Treasury
of Jewish Humor,
ed. by Nathan Ausubel. New York, Doubleday,
“The Kerchief,” trans. by I.M. Lask in
The Jewish Caravan,
great stories of twenty-five centuries, ed. by Leo W. Schwarz. New
York, Holt, Rinehart 8c Winston, 1965. Also in
Her Children
Call Her Blessed,
ed. by Franz Kobler. New York, Stephen Daye
Press, 1955, and in
Great Jewish Short Stories,
ed. by Saul Bellow.
New York, Dell, 1963.
“The Kindling,” in
Lag Ba-Omer Program Material for Youth
and Adults,
ed. by Philip Goodman. New York, National Jewish
Welfare Board, 1950.
“The Messenger from the Holy Land,” trans. by Harold I.
Sapirstein. Reprinted in part in
The Bar Mitzvah Treasury,
The Confirmation Reader,
both edited by Azriel Eisenberg. New
York, Behrman, 1952.
“The Passover Celebrants” (extract from
The Bridal Canopy),
The Passover Anthology,
ed. by Philip Goodman. Philadel-
phia, Jewish Publication Society, 1961.
“The Story of the Two Brod Merchants” (extract from
Bridal Canopy
), “Temptation on the Road,” “On the Sea” (ex-
tracts from
In the Heart of the Seas),
and “The Minyan,” trans.
by I.M. Lask, in
The Flowering of Modern Hebrew Literature,
by Menachem Ribalow, ed. by Judah Nadich. New York, Twayne,
“Voyage to the Holy Land” (extract from
In the Heart of the
A Treasury of Jewish Sea Stories,
ed. by Samuel Sobel.
New York, Jonathan David, 1965.