Page 105 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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t a r k m a n
— A
a r o n
e it l in
The complete bibliography of Zeitlin’s contributions to our
bilingual poetry and prose would testify to his being one of the
most prolific writers of our generation. His place is secure in the
pantheon of Jewish spiritual values.
Aaron Zeitlin has been the recipient of a number of literary
awards. The latest (1969) was the Itzik Manger Prize established
in Israel shortly after the demise of the famous poet, author of
play. Zeitlin donated half of the $5,000 award for
distribution among writers who have settled recently in the Holy
Land. He was the recipient of the Jewish Book Council’s Harry
and Florence Kovner Memorial Award twice for Hebrew poetry
and once for Yiddish poetry.
Zeitlin is one of the very few poets in our generation whose
creative accomplishments are not only integral parts of Jewish
literature, but of Judaism itself.