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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
February: 8, Maurice Samuel; 13, Henrietta Szold.
March: Anne Frank; 3, Eliezer Raphael Malachi; 6, Abraham
Shlonsky; 10, Menahem M. Kasher; 12, Bernard Drachman;
22, Abraham Weiss.
April: 3, Shlomo Dov Goitein; 4, Israel Brodie; 15, Ella Amitan;
19, Solomon Marini; 30, Issachar Joel.
May: 2, Salis Daiches; 20, Azriel Hildesheimer; 24, Johanan
Twersky; 26, Salo W. Baron; 27, Israel Davidson.
June: 4, Nelson Glueck; 6, Nathan Reich; 12, Zev Vilnay; 14,
Louis Finkelstein; 18, Ben-Zion Taragon; 26, Moses Cordo-
vero; 29, Hayim Nathan Dembitzer.
July: 5, Israel Friedlaender; 24, Isaac Avinery.
August: 17, Chanoch Albeck; 25, Arthur Kober; 26, Franz Werfel;
29, Berl Botwinik, Samuel M. Cohen, Lazarus Geiger.
September: 12, Abraham Danzig; 15, Elie Munk; 17, Moshe Sil-
berg; 23, Abraham A. Neuman; 25, Jacob H. Schiff; 26,
Richard Beer-Hofmann, Marcus Brann.
October: 17, Moses Kleinmann.
November: 4, Raphael Levy; 7, Jacob Kaplan; 8, S. An-Ski; 9,
Jacob Rosenheim; 22, Judah Yaari; 25, Chaim Tchernowitz.
December: 6, Max Kadushin; 7, Simchah Alter Ben-Zion Gutman;
9, Ernst Daniel Goldschmidt; 20, Libbie L. Braverman; 22,
Abraham Samuel Isaacs; 25, Solomon Reichman; 27, Menahem
G. Glenn.
Alphabetical List
h an o c k
80th birthday. Born in Lowicz, Poland,
August 17, 1890. Professor Emeritus of Talmud at the Hebrew
University, he has written extensively in this field, preparing some
years ago a vocalized Mishnah edition with a Hebrew commentary.
h a l o m
50th anniversary of death. Born in Warsaw,
January 30, 1858, died in Breslau, Germany, August 3, 1920. He
was intent on publishing scientific editions of rabbinic texts and
edited several of them.
l l a
m i t a n
70th birthday. Born in Dorft, Estonia, April 15,
1900. In Palestine since 1925, she has been an educator and has
published numerous volumes of poetry, plays, and stories for
children and also translations from foreign languages into Hebrew.
k i
(Solomon Seinwel Rapoport). 50th anniversary of
death. Born in Vitebsk, Russia, in 1863, died in Warsaw, Poland,