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— A
m e r ic an
ew ish
o n
ict ion
a r m i c h a e l
, J
o e l
Open letter to Moses and Mohammed. New York, Heine-
mann, 1968. 155 p. Paperbound.
A witty letter to Moses on the history of the Jews and a parallel
epistle to Mohammed about the difficult relations between the Jews
and the Arabs.
arrouge s
, M
i c h a e l
Kafka versus Kafka. Tuscaloosa, University of Alabama,
1968. 144 p.
A graphological analysis of Kafka’s handwriting and his relationship
to Judaism and Zionism.
Central Conference of American Rabbis yearbook: vol. LXXVIII. Ed. by
Sidney L. Regner. New York, Central Conference of American Rabbis,
1968. 343 p.
Proceedings of the convention held in Boston, Mass., with reports,
papers, discussions on the Jewish intellectual, and addresses on “What
Can We Say to Israel?” by Ezra Spicehandler and “What Can Israel Say
to Us?” by Ambassador Yizhak Rabin.
h o m s k y
, W
i l l i a m
Teaching and learning. New York, Jewish Education
Committee, 1969. 213 p.
A revised edition by the professor of Gratz College on the goals and
the methodological approaches to making Jewish subjects meaningful
and functional in the lives of Jewish children.
h o u r a q u i
, A
Between East and West; a history of the Jews of North
Africa. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1968. 376 p.
A history of the Jewish communities in Algiers, Morocco and Tunisia.
Trans, from the French by Michael M. Bernet..
l a y t o n
, J
o h n
J .
Saul Bellow in defense of man. Bloomington, Indiana
University, 1968. 273 p.
An analysis of the humanistic aspects of Bellow’s novels.
o h e n
, A
b r a h a m
The teachings
o f
Maimonides. New York, Ktav, 1968. 339
p .
The reprint of the 1927 edition contains a new prolegomenon by
Marvin Fox, professor of philosophy at Ohio State University on the
ethical, philosophical and legal writings of Maimonides.
o h e n
, L
e o n a r d
Selected poems, 1956-1968. New York, Viking Press, 1968.
245 p.
o h e n
, N
a o m i
A dual heritage. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society,
1969. 394 p.
A biography of the American Jewish philanthropist and statesman
Oscar S. Straus who was in the cabinet of President Theodore Roosevelt
and subsequently American Ambassador to Turkey. The author is asso­
ciate professor of history at Hunter College in New York.
o o k
, A
lb e r t
S. The root of the thing: Job and the Song of Songs. Blooming­
ton, Indiana University, 1968. 192 p.
A literary analysis of Job’s statement of the problems of evil and pain
and Solomon’s Song in praise of human love by the professor of English
at the State University of New York in Buffalo.
rag g
, K
e n n e t h
The privilege of man: a theme in Judaism, Islam and Chris­
tianity. New York, Oxford University Press, 1969. 208 p.
How the characteristic elements of the three religions meet the mod­
ern paradox of technology and distrust in the significance of man.