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— A
m e r ic an
ew ish
o n
ict ion
The Hebrew originals with English translations and notes of two
important 16th century works on the Masorah of the Hebrew text of
the Bible. This reprint contains a prolegomenon by Norman H. Snaith.
it t e l s o h n
, R
o l an d
B. My beloved is mine; Judaism and marriage. New
York, Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1969. 320 p.
A handbook for young people by the rabbi of Temple Israel, of
l a n z
, R
u d o l f
The German Jew in America: an annotated bibliography
including books, pamphlets and articles of special interest. Cincinnati,
Hebrew Union College; New York, Ktav, 1969. 192 p.
l a t s t e in
, J
a c o b
et al. Anthology of holocaust literature. Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1969. 412 p.
A collection of significant articles and stories which depict Jewish life
and martyrdom through the second world war edited by Jacob Glatstein,
Israel Knox, Samuel Margoshes, Mordecai Bernstein and Sarah B. Fogel.
l a t z e r
, N
a h u m
N . ,
ed. The Passover Haggadah.
N e w
York, Schocken, 1969.
136 p.
The Hebrew text, English translation and commentary based on the
commentaries of E. D. Goldschmidt.
---------- . The dimensions of Job: a study and selected readings. New York,
Schocken, 1969. 310 p.
Includes an interpretation of the book of Job in the folk tale, in
Judaism and Christianity, and in the modern era.
l u e c k
, N
e l s o n
Dateline Jerusalem. Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College,
1968 . 134 p .
Letters from Jerusalem dated June, 1967, from the President of the
Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute of Religion.
---------- . Hesed in the Bible. Cincinnati, Hebrew Union College, 1967. 107 p.
An etymological study of the concept originally published in German
in 1927 as a doctoral dissertation, translated by Alfred L. Gottschalk.
o e l l
, Y
o h a i
Bibliography of modern Hebrew literature in English trans­
lation. New York, Ktav, 1968. 110, 22 p.
Based largely on the holdings of the Jewish National and University
Library, Jerusalem. There is also an author index in Hebrew.
The golden heritage: a history of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies
of New York from 1917 to 1967. New York, 1969. 395 p.
Illustrated history with photographs of city life, directory of the
Jewish agencies and a list of the contributors to the 50th anniversary
o l d h a g e n
, E
r ic h
Ethnic minorities in the Soviet Union. New York, Praeger,
1968. 351 p.
Published for the Institute of East European Jewish Studies of Bran-
deis University. Includes considerable material about Jews in contem­
porary Russian life.
o ld ste in
, S
id n e y
oldsche ider
, C
a l v in
Jewish-Americans: three gen­
erations in a Jewish community. Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, 1968
272 p.
A study of the attitudes and behavior of 1600 Jewish families in
Greater Providence, Rhode Island.