Page 138 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
y a m s
, J
o s e p h
A field of buttercups. Englewood Cliffs. Prentice-Hall, 1968.
272 p.
The story of Janusz Korczak, eminent Polish writer and educator who
headed the Jewish school for orphans in Warsaw.
The Israel honorarium. New York, Educational Publishing Institute, 1968.
5 vols. 895 p.
A biographical dictionary of prominent Jews.
ac o b s
, L
ou is
Jewish Law. New York, Behrman House, 1968. 210
p .
The essential problems of Halakhah and its application to modern life
by the rabbi of the New West End Synagogue in London.
----------- . Faith. New York, Basic Books, 1969. 231 p.
A critical study of the nature of religious faith according to Jewish
a c o b so h n
, H
e l m u t h
Timeless documents of the soul. Evanston, 111., North­
western University, 1968. 256 p.
The chapter by Prof. Siegmund Hurwitz is entitled “Psychological
Aspects in Early Hasidic Literature” wherein he demonstrates that the
highly modern ideas of the unconscious are in Rabbi Shneur Zalman’s
e l l ic o e
, S
id n e y
The Septuagint and modern study. New York, Oxford Uni­
versity Press, 1968. 423 p.
A survey of the main features of Septuagint studies during this cen­
tury since the publication of the standard work by Swete.
Jewish book annual: vol. XXVI , 5729. Ed. by A. Alan Steinbach. New
York, Jewish Book Council of America, 1968. 252 p.
A record of Jewish literary activity with annotated bibliographies
of fiction and non-fiction in English, Hebrew and Yiddish and feature
articles about Jewish literature and famous authors.
The Jewish quarterly review: the 75th anniversary volume. Ed. by Abraham
A. Neuman and Solomon Zeitlin. Philadelphia, Dropsie College, 1967.
592 p.
, D
en n is
Balfour and the British Empire: a study in imperial evolution,
1874-1932. New York, St. Martin’s Press, 1968. 392 p.
A section of the book is devoted to Palestine and Zionism.
a d u s h in
, M
a x
A conceptual approach to the Mekilta. New York, Jonathan
David for Jewish Theological Seminary, 1969. 298, 430 p.
A text for the study of the midrash to the Biblical book of Exodus
by the professor of midrash at the Jewish Theological Seminary.
a h n
, L
o t h a r
Mirrors of the Jewish mind. South Brunswick, N. J., Yoseloff,
1969. 267 p.
A critical review of the work of European Jewish writers who wrote
mainly in French and German, by the professor of modem languages
at Central Connecticut State College.
a sd an
, S
a r a
Mazel tov, y’all: a bake book for happy occasions. New York,
Vanguard, 1968. 195 p.
A humorous book for enjoying
a t c h e r
, L
e o
Post-mortem: the Jews in Germany today. New York, Dela-
corte, 1968. 267 p.
A description of Jewish community life among the reduced Jewish
population who have resettled there after the holocaust.