Page 140 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
o w a l s k i
, I
sa a c
A secret press in Nazi Europe. New York, Central Guide
Publishers, 1969. 416 p.
The story of the united Jewish partisan group in the Wilna area
which printed anti-Nazi literature during World War II.
K o z o d o y , N e a l ,
ed. The generations of Israel. New York, CBS,
1968 . 2 05 p .
Memoirs, diaries and personal reminiscences tracing the history of
modern Israel, 1880-1967.
r a m e r
, J
a n e
Pater familias: Allen Ginsberg in America. New York, Random,
1969. 202 p.
A profile from the
New Yorker
about the American revolutionary poet.
a l l
, A
r th u r
S. The UN and the Middle East crisis, 1967. New York, Co­
lumbia University, 1968. 322 p.
A political analysis of the United Nations activity during the war
of June, 1967, between the Arabs and Israel.
a m m
, M
au r ic e
The Jewish way in death and mourning. New York, Jona­
than David, 1969. 265 p.
The laws and customs pertaining to death and mourning and the
reasons for their observance.
a m p l
, P
a u l
Cities and planning in the ancient Near East. New York, Bra-
ziller, 1968. 128 p.
a n d a
, M
e y e r
J. The Jew
drama. New York, Ktav, 1969. 340
p .
The new edition of this study contains an introduction by Murray
Roston, professor of English and comparative literature at Bar Ilan
University in Israel.
a n d a u
, J
ac o b
M. The Arabs in Israel. New York, Oxford University, 1969.
300 p.
The first authoritative survey dealing with the period following the
establishment of the State of Israel and ending just before June, 1967.
a n d e sm a n
, A
lt er
F. Brownsville: the birth, development and passing of a
Jewish community in New York. New York, Bloch, 1969. 418 p.
The lifelong director of the Hebrew Educational Society of Brook­
lyn describes the social, educational and religious life of what was once a
significant center of Jewish life in Brooklyn.
a u
- L
a v ie
, N
a p h t a l i
Moshe Dayan. Hartford, Hartmore House, 1969. 223
p .
A biography of the Minister of Defense of Israel.
e ic h t e r
H. J., and
it sch e l l
W . E. Kinship and casework. New York,
Russell Sage Foundation, 1968. 343 p.
A study of Jewish families from Eastern Europe living in New York
City which was jointly sponsored by the Jewish Family Society of New
e l y v e l d
, A
r t h u r
Atheism is dead: a Jewish response to radical theology.
Cleveland, World, 1968. 209 p.
A firm rejection of the arguments of current theologians and their
existentialist humanistic cults by the rabbi of Fairmount Temple, Cleve­
land, and president of the American Jewish Congress.
ern e r
, I
T . Mexican Jewry in the land of the Aztecs. Mexico, B. Costa
Amic, 1967. 270 p.