Page 141 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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ie v
— A
m e r ic an
ew ish
o n
ict ion
e v a n t
, O
The unimportance of being Oscar. New York, Putnam, 1968.
256 p.
An autobiography by the well known pianist and raconteur.
ev en ste in
, A
a r o n
Testimony for man: the story of the City of Hope. 1968.
256 p. Paperbound.
A history of the famous medical center in Duarte in the suburbs of
Los Angeles, Calif.
e v ia n t
, C
u r t
ed. Masterpieces of Hebrew literature: a treasury of 2,000
years of Jewish creativity. New York, Ktav, 1969. 571 p.
A full course in Jewish religious and secular writing in English pre­
pared by the associate professor of Hebrew literature at Rutgers Uni­
e v it a n
, T
i n a
The Jews in American life. New York, Hebrew Publishing,
1969. 253 p.
Concise biographies of leading American Jews from Luis de Torres
to Arthur Goldberg.
ie b e r m a n
, C
h a im
The grave concern, New York, Shengold, 1969. 202 p.
Essays concerning the present and future of American Jewry.
ip k e
, W
i l l i a m
David Bomberg. New York, Barnes, 1969. 192
p .
The story of an English
avant garde
artist who upon his death in
1958 was heralded as a master.
i t v in o f f
, B
a r n e t
A peculiar people. New York, Dutton, 1969. 308 p.
A survey of Jewish communities all over the globe, telling the story
of Jewish settlement on all the continents.
o ew en b e r g
, J
a c o b
Thrice-bom: selected memories of an immigrant. New
York, Hobbs, Dorman, 1968. 202 p.
o n s c h e in
, S
a m u e l
My 83 years: the memoirs of a veteran Zionist. New
York, American Zebulun, 1968. 251 p.
The autobiography covers the author’s early years in Rumania and
most of his adult life as an active Zionist in the United States.
o r c h
, N
e t a n e l
Israel’s War of Independence, 1947-1949. Hartford, Hart-
more House, 1969. 656 p.
A reprint of the book published in 1961 as
The Edge of the Sword.
The author served in the Israeli government from 1948 to 1967. He
was Israel’s ambassador to Peru and Bolivia from 1963 to 1967.
ou v ish
, M
i sh a
The challenge of Israel. New York, Israel Universities Press,
1968. 281 p.
ad ison
, C
har les
A. Yiddish literature: its scope and major writers. New
York, F. Ungar, 1968. 540 p.
A comprehensive and critical study by the former literary editor of
Henry Holt.
a l i n
, I
rv in g
Saul Bellow’s fiction. Carbondale, Southern Illinois University,
1969. 179 p.
a n d e l
, M
orr is
ar ten b er g
, L
e o
Israel: the story of a miracle. New
York, Jonathan David, 1969. 245 p.
A current historical travelogue.