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— A
m e r ic an
ew ish
o n
ict ion
The reprint of the second 1927 edition contains a new prolegomenon
by Lou H. Silberman, professor of Judaic studies at Vanderbilt Univer­
sity, Nashville, Tenn.
o n t e t
, P
ier r e
Egypt and the Bible. Trans, by Leslie R. Keylock. Phila­
delphia, Fortress, 1968. 154 p.
o r r is
, N
a t h a n
The Jewish school: an introduction to the history of Jewish
education. New York, Jewish Education Committee, 1969. 277 p.
o s e l y
, V
i r g in ia
Joyce and the Bible. Dekalb, Northern Illinois University,
1968. 158 p.
A detailed explication of James Joyce’s major works in chronological
order showing a persistent theme which links his use of biblical sources.
e t a n y a h u
, B
i o n
Don Isaac Abravanel: statesman and philosopher.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1968. 350 p.
A second edition of the work first published in 1953 with supplemen­
tary notes by the author who is professor of Jewish history at the Uni­
versity of Denver.
eusn er
, J
a c o b
ed. Religions in antiquity: essays in memory
o f
Erwin R.
Goodenough. Leiden, Brill, 1968. 688 p.
Biblical and apocryphal papers, Judaism and symbolism in religions.
---------- . A history of the Jews in Babylonia: vol. 2; the early Sassanian
period, vol. 3: from Shapur I in 273 to Shapur II in 309. Leiden, Brill,
1968. 341, 393 p.
The first full history in English of the Jewish cultural centers where
the Babylonian Talmud originated, written by the professor of Judaic
and religious studies at Brown University, Providence, R. I.
o t h
, M
a r t in
Numbers. Philadelphia, Westminster Press, 1969. 258 p.
A critical commentary on the Book of Numbers, translated from the
, J
am e s
Isaac D’Israeli. New York,
O x f o r d
University, 1969, 220 p.
The first biographical and critical study of Benjamin D ’Israeli’s father.
a r r o t
, A
Abraham and his times. Trans, from French by James H.
Farley. Philadelphia, Fortress, 1968. 178 p.
a s t ern a k
, V
e l v e l
Songs of the Chassidim. New York, Bloch, 1968. 158 p.
An anthology of 170 melodies with choral accompaniment arranged
for two part chorus.
e tu c h ow s k i
, J
a c o b
. P r a y e r b o o k r e f o r m in E u r o p e : t h e l i t u r g y o f E u r o p e a n
l i b e r a l a n d r e f o rm J u d a ism . N e w Y o r k , W o r l d U n i o n f o r P r o g r e s s iv e
J u d a ism ,
1968. 407
p .
The major theological changes in reform worship based on a study
of 170 prayerbooks by the professor of Jewish theology at the Hebrew
Union College—Jewish Institute of Religion, Cincinnati.
f e if f e r
, C
h ar les
F., and Vos,
o w a r d
F. The Wycliffe historical geography
of Bible lands. Chicago, Moody Press, 1968. 288 p.
i l c h
, J
u d a h
ed. A history of Jewish education in America. New York, Amer­
ican Association for Jewish Education, 1969. 223 p.
Articles on the different periods by Seymour Fromer, Hyman B. Grin-
stein, Meir Ben-Horin, U. Z. Engelman, Jack J. Cohen and the editor.