Page 149 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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ie v
— A
m e r ic an
ew ish
ict ion
e r ste in
, I
r v in g
The uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto. New York, Norton,
1968. 150 p.
h i t m a n
, R
u t h
The marriage wig and other poems. New York, Harcourt,
Brace & World, 1968. 67 p.
The volume of poetry was awarded the Kovner Prize of the Jewish
Book Council of America.
iese l
, E
l ie
Legends of our time. New York, Holt, Rinehart & Winston,
1968.197 p.
Essays and legends on Jewish life after the holocaust.
ilso n
, E
m u n d
The Dead Sea scrolls, 1947-1969. New York, Oxford Uni­
versity, 1969. 256 p.
An expanded edition of the book published in 1955 describing all
the new discoveries to date.
in t e r
, I
r e n e
Ingathering: ceremony and tradition in New York public
collections. New York, Jewish Museum, 1968. 72 p.
Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Jewish Museum in 1968.
in w a r d
, S
te ph e n
F. A guide to the prophets. Richmond, Va., John Knox,
1969. 255 p.
o l f
, A
r n o l d
J. What is man? Washington, D. C., B’nai B’rith Adult Jew­
ish Education, 1968. 102 p.
Selections from Jewish literature on the meaning of life and the way
to God and wisdom by the rabbi of Congregation Solel, Highland Park,
111., a visiting professor at the Hebrew Union College—Jewish Institute
of Religion in New York.
r ig h t
, T
h o m a s
Early travels in Palestine. New York, Ktav, 1968. 517 p.
Account of travelers to the holy land from 700 to 1697. Reprinted
from the edition of 1848.
y m a n
, D
a v id
S. Paper walls: America and the refugee crisis, 1938-1941.
Amherst, University of Massachusetts, 1968. 306 p.
a f f e
, J
a m e s
The American Jews. New York, Random House, 1968. 338 p.
A sociological analysis of Jewish life in America.
YIVO annual of Jewish social science: vol. 14. New York, YIVO Institute for
Jewish Research, 1969. 288 p.
im m e r m a n
, P
a u l
a n d G
o l d b l a t t
, B
u r t
M a r x b r o t h e r s a t th e
movies. New
Y o r k , P u t n a m ,
1969. 224 p.
An account of the movie comedies in which the four Marx brothers—
Harpo, Chico, Zeppo and Groucho—performed.
o r a c h
, W
i l l i a m
Art is
m y
life. Cleveland, World, 1967. 205
p .
Autobiography of the famous painter and sculptor who lived in Brook­
lyn, N. Y.