Page 151 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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ib a l o w
— A
m e r ic an
ew ish
ict ion
h e s n o f f
, R
ich a r d
l e in
, E
d w ar d
i t t e l l
, R
o b e r t
If Israel lost the
war. New York, Coward-McCann, 1969. 253 p.
A recounting by three magazine writers and foreign correspondents—all
what might well have happened in the Middle East
had the Arabs defeated Israel in the 1967 Six Day War.
D a v i d s o n , L i o n e l .
Making good again. New York, Harper & Row,
1968 . 3 02 p .
Another thriller—of which more and more seem to be published—
about Jews and Germans, the Holocaust era and millions of dollars, or,
in this case, francs.
intenfa s s
, M
a r k
Make yourself an earthquake. Boston, Little, Brown, 1969.
310 p.
A thoughtful novel about a retired, 67-year-old Jewish schoolteacher
who escapes a nursing home and starts a wild series of adventures, which
involve African myths and Jewish attitudes toward life.
l m a n
, R
ich ard
M. Lilo’s diary. New York, Scribner’s, 1968. 155 p.
This novel is a sequel to the author’s earlier
th Day of Elul,
follows the final tragic summer of Lilo, the young girl who had been
abandoned in the previous novel by the Jewish family set upon its
own safety.
a r y
, R
o m a in
The dance of Genghis Cohn. New York, World, 1968, 244 p.
A novel by a prolific writer about a Jewish nightclub comic (in Berlin)
who, after his execution by the Germans, becomes a dybbuk in the sub­
conscious of his murderer. These scheme permits Mr. Gary to comment
on the entire human race as well as Jews and Germans.
r e en f ie ld
, J
o s h
. O
for a master of magic. New York, New American Library,
1968. 186 p.
A slight novel about a Brooklyn Jew married to a Japanese woman—
and the troubles that ensue as a result of the marriage.
e m p s t o n e
, S
m i t h
In the midst of lions. New York, Harper & Row, 1968.
308 p.
A novel based on the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.
o f f m a n
, W
i l u a m
Mendel. New York, Yoseloff, 1969. 132 p.
Vignettes of an elderly Jew, written with affection and understanding.
acob son
, D
a n
Through the wilderness and other stories. New York, Mac­
millan, 1968. 214 p.
In these thirteen stories, Dan Jacobson is as sensitive as ever, and
continues to probe the Jewish psyche, in Africa, England and elsewhere.
a n iu k
, Y
o r a m
Himmo, king of Jerusalem. New York, Atheneum, 1969.
246 p.
A Jewish nurse working in an Israeli hospital during the 1948 War
of Liberation accepts as her special charge a hopelessly wounded soldier-
patient. Translated from the Hebrew by Yosef Shachter.
a u f m a n n
, M
y r o n
S. Thy daughter’s nakedness. Philadelphia and New York,
Lippincott, 1968. 698 p.
A massive novel about a rabbi’s daughter, her love affairs and the
middle class values of her father and herself.
e m e l m a n
, H
a r r y
Sunday the rabbi stayed home. New York, Putnam, 1969.
254 p.
Mr. Kemelman is now a very popular detective story writer, thanks to
his hero, Rabbi David Small, who solves murders while, at the same
time, handling congregational problems.