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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
r e en span
, S
o p h i e
Westward with Fremont: the story of Solomon Carvalho.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1969. 164 p. (Covenant Series)
In 1853 Solomon Nunes Carvalho, Sephardic Jew of Baltimore, daguer-
reotypist and artist, joined Fremont’s fifth expedition on a lengthy and
hazardous journey. This powerful and definitive story teaches more about
authentic frontier exploration than most glossy history books and also
vividly presents Jewish life of the times in California, (ages 11-14)
a l p e r n
, S
o l o m o n
l t e r
Tales of faith. New York, Philipp Feldheim,
1968. 216 p.
An anthology of contemporary short stories designed to illustrate the
true Jewish spirit and the efficacy of our ancient heritage to today’s
living, (ages 12 and up)
a u t ig
, E
sth e r
The endless steppe: growing up in Siberia. New York,
Crowell, 1968. 256 p.
An autobiographic work of the author’s childhood and her family’s
deportation to Siberia via cattlecar. Though seen through the eyes of
a ten-year-old, the book avoids the trap of excessive emotionalism, (ages
13 and up)
Hebrew alphabet book. Illus. by Avi Margalit. New York, Sabra Books, 1968.
28 p.
A handsome book of the Jewish alphabet illustrated with electric
colors. Each Hebrew letter has an accompanying word, transliteration,
and translation. The choice of illustrative words is distinctly Israeli,
(ages 3-6)
a cobs
, L
ou is
Jewish law. Illus.
b y
Irwin Rosenhouse. New York, Behrman,
1968. 210 p.
Giving the high points of the major works of Jewish law, the author
presents the student with explanations so as to make tradition appli­
cable to present day life, (ages 13 and up)
a m m
, J
o s e p h in e
The Hebrew people: a history of the Jews. New York,
McGraw-Hill, 1968. 224 p.
Starting with the days of the prophets and going to the events and
results of the Six Day War, this well-known author of Judaic juvenile
literature has written a history designed for today’s youth, (ages 11
and up)
ip p u r
, M
orr is
e n o r e
Debbie and Joey in God’s world. Illus. by A.
Komrad. New York, Shengold, 1968. unpaged.
This book, with drawings of innocent charm combined with a natural,
easy language, deals with the creation of human life and Jewish family
living. The situations presented are easily identifiable for the young
reader. Cages 4-9).
---------- . God’s wonderful world. Illus. by A. Komrad. New York, Shengold,
1968. unpaged.
Ozzie (an orange pit) is almost discarded until he explains his poten­
tial for becoming a tree. In the development of the story the young
reader learns the order of nature as God’s bountiful blessing, (ages
la g s b run
, F
r a n c in e
The story of Moses. New York, Watts, 1968. 171
p .
The author, retaining the traditional story of Moses and the Exodus,
brings the added dimension of “human-ness” to the principal and lesser
characters. The rare quality of this book is the more mature the reader,
the more the insight; the more the insight, the further the inquiry into
the total story, (ages 10 and up)