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a n n e r
— J
ew ish
uven ile
l a p e r m a n
, L
ibb y
M. A different girl. Illus. by Adriana Zanazania. New
York, Lion Press, 1969. 160 p.
Not the confrontation but the realities of antagonism of the multi­
racial and religious life of the inner city is the theme of this book.
Despite their differences, the young people herein learn to accept each
other as individuals, (ages 11-14).
on igsbu rg
E. L. About b’nai bagels. Illus. by the author. New York, Athe-
neum, 1969. 172 p.
Mark Setzer is a typical suburban IB year old American Jew, trying
his darndest to get through Bar Mitzvah and still be tops on his Little
League team. Atypical is his mother who has the good sense to allow her
adolescent the privacy of his world. The reader will find a well written
sports story, identifiable situations and characters, and a great deal of
humor, (ages 11-14)
u b ie
, N
o r a
e n j a m in
Israel: rev. ed. Illus. with photos. New York, Watts,
1968. 88 p.
The up-dated version includes new chapters on “Jerusalem, the
Golden” and “Land without Peace.” (ages 9-11)
u p er
, J
a c k
Child of the holocaust. New York, Doubleday, 1968. 278
p .
In a terrifying struggle to remain alive under the Nazis, a Polish-
Jewish boy assumes the guise of a Christian. Though amateurishly writ­
ten, the autobiographically based work leaves the reader with much to
ponder, (ages 13 and up)
arcu s
, R
e becca
B. Moses Maimonides: rabbi, philosopher and physician.
New York, Watts, 1969. 114 p.
A biographic study of the life of the Rambam, illustrating his think­
ing on three major religions and his own philosophy.
(ages 12 and up)
a x
, M
o s h e
The way to God. New York, Philipp Feldheim, 1968. 328 p.
A traditionally oriented book tracing Jewish customs and ceremonies
to their original sources. It pays particular heed to the concepts con­
cerning man’s relation to man. A workbook and teacher’s guide are
available, (ages 11 and up)
a z a r
, A
m ih a y
r o n e
, A
l e x a n d e r
Voices from the past. Illus. by
Milka Cizik. Irvington-on-Hudson, Harvey House, 1968. 192 p.
The book offers archeological substantiation to biblical life and events.
An ideal book for the would-be archeologist. (ages 11-14)
e l n ik o f f
, P
a m e l a
The star and the sword. Illus.
b y
Hans Schwarz. New
York, Crown, 1968. 157 p.
A great, rip-roaring adventure story of two Jewish orphans’ encounter
with Robin Hood and his men. While embroiled in these adventures,
the children maintain their Jewish tradition, although in secret, (ages
o r r o w
, B
e t t y
The great miracle: the story of Chanukah. Illus. by Howard
Simon. Irvington-on-Hudson, Harvey House, 1968. 40 p.
This book is the usual presentation of the war against the rule of
Antiochus, the Maccabean heroism, and the eventual miracle of the
lights. The book has seme minor inaccuracies in the last chapter, (ages
m a r
, D
e v o r a h
The Gideonites: the story of the Nili spies in the Middle
East. Illus. Trans, by Ruth Reznick. New York, Sabra Books, 1968, 224 p.