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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
An account of the tragic yet exciting story of the Aaronson family, their
friends and the Nili group of W .W . 1. The book presents the life of
of the 1900’s in Turkish-ruled Palestine. Only the most gifted
writer could present this story with full control of her own sentiment
and her subject matter, (ages 11 and up)
-----------. Path beneath the sea. New York, Sabra Books, 1969. 192 p.
What better way for a sixteen year old Moroccan immigrant boy to
find his own self than to join Israel’s elite frogman unit? Based on
actual events, this exciting adventure story has had to withhold infor­
mation about activities still classified, (ages 11-14)
a p a s
, W
i l l i a m
. A
letter from Israel. Illus. by author. New York, Watts, 1969.
56 p. (Curtain-Raiser Series)
The author-illustrator, using letter format, guides the reader on a
journey through Israel, (ages 5-8)
e a r e
, C
a th e r in e
w e n s
Aaron Copland: his life. New York, Holt, Rinehart
& Winston, 1969. 160 p.
This is another, not particularly Jewish, biography of the Jewish
American composer, (ages 9-12)
Pictorial atlas of the Bible world (trade ed.); Atlas of Bible lands (paper-
bound ed .) . New York, Hammond, 1968. 32 p.
Maps which serve as a guide to biblical events.
i l c h
, J
u d ah
ed. The Jewish catastrophe in Europe. New York, American
Association for Jewish Education, 1968. 232 p.
The text of this book is a rather complete compendium of the Holo­
caust as it affected Jews all over Europe. The book contains maps and
photographs which spare the student no detail of the horrors inflicted.
A glossary of terms is included, (ages 15 and up)
u rdy
, S
u s an
Festivals for you to celebrate. Illus. by author. New York, Lip-
pincott, 1969.
Essentially this is an art-and-crafts book with original projects for
various holidays, Jewish holidays among them, (ages 7 and up)
a c h l e f f
, O
w e n
S. Young Israel: a history of the modern nation. Photo illus.
New York, Lion Press, 1968. 128 p.
The publisher classifies this book as a “non-fiction novel.” The story
is the innate drama of Israel from May 14, 1948 to June, 1967. Bibli­
ography. (ages 9-11)
a p p a p o r t
, U
r ie l
The story of the Dead Sea scrolls. Illus. by Milka Cizik.
Irvington-on-Hudson, Harvey House, 1968. 128 p.
This book traces the mysteries and discoveries of the scrolls and helps
the young reader to understand their value. The recreation of the life
during the times surrounding these scrolls is the synthesis of the author’s
efforts, (ages 11-14)
e ed
, G
w e n d o l y n
Adam and Eve. Illus. by Helen Siegel. New York, Lothrop,
Lee & Shepard. 1968. unpaged.
While this book presents the traditional version of Adam and Eve,
the unusual wood-cut illustrations enhance the delicately written nar­
rative. A book which will communicate with the very young, (ages 3-6)
, A
n n e
K. Sampson and Delilah. Illus. by Richard Powers. New York,
Lothrop, Lee & Shephard, 1968. unpaged.
While to most Jewish children Sampson was a “superman,” this book
shows he was really only human. The striking illustrations are com­
patible with the tone of the book, (ages 3-6)