Page 159 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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ann er
— J
ew ish
uven ile
, J
a m e s
The glory of Chanukah. Illus. by Lil Goldstein, New York,
Jonathan David, 1968. unpaged.
Even though the author uses rhythmic verse form for the narrative,
he still retains the vigor and excitement of the story which so delights
the very young, (ages 3-6)
, E
ze k ie l
p s te in
, M
orr is
eds. More
world over
stories. New
York, Bloch, 1968. 290 p.
---------- . New
world over
stories. New York, Bloch, 1968. 261 p.
The above two anthologies are sequels to
World Over Stories,
i l v e r m a n
, W
i l l i a m
B. Judaism and Christianity. Photo illus. New York,
Behrman, 1968. 245 p.
This is an unusually well organized book of comparative religion with
emphasis on the Judaic aspects. A highlight is the basic conceptual
approaches to present day social problems, (ages 13 and up)
im o n
, N
o r a
Ruthie. Illus.
b y
Tom Eaglin. New York, Meredith Press,
1968. 180 p.
Due to her mother’s illness, Ruthie, a sensitive Jewish girl, is sent
to stay with an immigrant family in Brooklyn during the depression. It
is questionable whether this book really connects with today’s young
people, (ages 10-14)
, I
a sh ev is
When Shlemiel went to Warsaw and other stories.
Illus. by Margot Zemach. New York, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1968, 128 p.
Written for a wide, popular audience, this collection of stories with
a “Chelmish” flavor again exemplifies Mr. Singer’s mastery of the art
of story telling. Unfortunately, with the use of degrading names given
to some of the characters, the Jewish child is denied the concept of
derekh eretz
which in the Jewish heritage is given without distinction
as to material substance or mental prowess, (ages 9-11)
o u t h a l l
, I
v a n
Curse of Cain. Illus.
b y
Joan Kiddel-Monroe. New York,
St. Martin’s Press, 1968. 120 p.
Fiction stories based on the book of Genesis are written in an attempt
to simulate teen vernacular. “A ” for effort to the author, (ages 10-14)
---------- . The sword of Esau. Illus. by Joan Kiddell-Monroe, New York, St.
Martin’s Press, 1968. 116 p.
Stories taken from Genesis, Judges, and the Book of Jonah rewritten
by an author who genuinely loves Bible stories and tries to make them
communicate with today’s reader, (ages 10-14)
t a d t le r
, B
e a
The story of Dona Gracia Mendes. Illus. by Aharon Shevo.
New York, United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education, 1969.
169 p.
This is a biography of a Marrano who, upon the death of her husband,
headed a large banking house. Though she lost much due to the Inqui­
sition, she resumed her Jewish identity openly and adopted the name
of Hannah Nasi, (ages 9-11)
a s l it t
, I
I .
Soldier of Israel: the story of Moshe Dayan. New York,
Sabra Books, 1969. 160 p.
A much needed biography of a great general who fights for peace with
the same vigor with which he fights a war. The strength of the book
is its subject matter, (ages 11 and up)