Page 162 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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,n"awn ,pbpna .xnm nxa .max 'pns by s p a ’ y n r
Commentary on the Sayings of the Fathers by Hayyim Joseph David Azulai,
the prolific 18th century Italian scholar and bibliographer.
*bna naaa n*aaa nnxm nnyn :
'» n by n ’ na t>np>b
.n"awn ,pbpna .byxirx mxa amax nxa .awinxn
Notes on the commentaries on various Talmudic tractates by Menahem
ben Solomon Meiri, the 18th century rabbi of Perpignan, made by later
Talmudists, compiled by Rabbi Abraham Meyer Israel of New York.
Dial ,pbp>na nybix 'nx r’?x nxa .max
nmnn by : ' ■»bx a b
/ay x"sj? .n"awn
Commentary on the Torah and on the Sayings of the Fathers, by Rabbi
Elijah Aryeh Adler, a Hungarian scholar who died in 1939.
nabw nxa .anyiai nmnn nrtrna by a*jpyi nwn j j iwbi ab
.trawn /.'» .
.anxfiibin in
Sermons by Rabbi Solomon David Goldfarb of New York.
.Miyaw tnpw .xainan m a ,nan i?na by : ’ tn pb *i na *»idnp»b
.nnwna .x p>bn .rrwn ,a” mba „■»
nyabx bxiat? v/y apba
A compilation of midrashic passages with comments by Rabbi Samuel
Alter of Brooklyn. This first volume is devoted to the Book of Genesis.
nnbin ay n ra a i
m Q” n nxa " ’ an n b■> ba/, na
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,/> .o^abiaa an ap>y’ v,y wpsi nnyn ay *moai *jny /i^n
/ay T'ap ,a"o .n"awn ,nmnn nnmn nrya ipnb paan
Index and notes to
Kelilat Yofi,
a history of the rabbis in Lemberg, by
Hayyim Nathan Dembitzer, 1821-1893, rabbinic author in Cracow. The
index and notes are by Jacob Dov Mandelbaum.
.runatnn onra nxa .nmn ’m rn tnabw
j a
Notes on the Torah by Rabbi Pinchos Hirshprung.
/ay x"n .n"awn
.narrow n s nxa .mm : a **n
y *>13
Sermons by Rabbi Peretz Steinberg.
nxa .*r"*npn r n n p r a y m -nxa a o i d n p
.own ,an*>abn lyi ,p?pna .ppan lyan .a
On the laws of sacrifice, by M. Dober Rivkin.