Page 165 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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m e r ic an
ly i ,/»
. jam s nnaw nxa /naVnn n a ^ nso jD’ nos *>mv
/ay a"an .n"arcn ,mnvi *p’nn
"Passover Eves.” A text-book for the Talmud by Simhah Friedman.
/ay r y .rv'Drcn ,ana
.3 .*pons in^x nxa , n? p n x n p
“Easy Reading.” By Elijah Persky.
pn^x nxa . in ma1? manat *»"oy nyn1? nxipa : p * x n a ^
/ay 'a .rraffn ,mb ,.■>.a .ja 'nrx
“The Return to Zion.” A reader for young people, by Elchanan Indelman,
based on the work of Hermann Reckendorf.
mnna .p*m a nxa / t - ' a n^abn1? mrpff p n a y n p r pwn
.nnain ^ .n^a^n /imnia .nunn
“Hebrew Conversation Manual.” For pupils in grades 2-4, by Ben-Teman.
^ .nxaa pa*aa nxa .mpnpi nn’xa ,^jax-nay j a y 1? p n ’ ®
/ay T"xi .rrarcn n w f a v D’nxn
“Conversation Manual for the People.” Hebrew-English with grammatical
supplement, by Benjamin Benari.
n n 1?
.2 .pannvo na»»* nxa .tib’o : i n x m a p y a n a i aw
/ay *ro ,n"
“Eight at the Heels of One.” A story by Yemimah Tchernowitz, a prolific
writer of children’s stories in Israel.
#PBari&XTi tms .T>^nny
omax nxa . o n a n o n n
.n"Dwn ,omyw nxxw ,.*»
Lessons about the holidays, by Abraham J. Ehrlich of Port Washington,
.unp nor nxa .nn^ysai on^n nmp ^ x t i p '
n n ^ n
/ay t
r p
.rrarcn ,to ,.•»
"The Story of Great Men in Israel: Their Lives and Achievements.” By
Joseph Kriger.
.iraw i ,mvn Twnn nyi
.*n»m nato nxa . p w 1? ’ p p n
About Hebrew grammar, by the educator Solomon Haramati.