Page 166 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
pbn .rrawn ,onson nm ,.■>.a .axwoaxoa omax nxa :*? a •»^ a
♦D’si r ’p .ityn px
by n"w
.a pbn /ay ry*i .naw mabn .x
On the laws of the Sabbath and responsa to the
Even ha-Ezer
section o
Shulhan Arukh
of Joseph Caro, by Rabbi Abraham Bornstein, hasidi
leader in Sochaczew, who died in 1910.
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*?•> s nn i ?
nax i q*’ s i oi
bn Q»na
a n nxi
apy> nxa . n ’ sio
/ay k"dt p^n /ay rw .a p^n /ay n"aw .a pbn /ay
An anthology of medieval Hebrew philosophy and a Hebrew philosophical
dictionary, by Jakob Klatzkin, 1882-1948, an outstanding modern Jewish
scholar, who also served as editor of the
Encyclopaedia Judaica,
the very
important, but incomplete German reference work.
p"pa T?p niyVx nxa .D,noD naoa *?y maVn
:ip in *rix
/ay r^ i .frown ,onson ixix ,.■» .a .raayi
Commentary on the tractate Pesahim, by Rabbi Eleazar Kallir of Rechnitz,
Hungary, 1738-1801.
jtjpn 'rxiaw nxa .nnn *waw nwan ^y t j n n x ^ x i aw n*a
/ay ryp [?]n"awn ,nato ana ,.*» .a .onas nwa p
Commentary on the Pentateuch, by Rabbi Samuel Falkenfeld, 1737-1806,
of various Polish communities, finally in Posen.
nsoina ,onyiai nVraa wan ,nnnn n r tn s *?y : mto ow ^y a
r sn .maw-rpwxna .x p*?n .nown ,o**n .•» ,p^pna .D”n D*>a npa
/ay rw .□•navxipv» .a p^n /ay
The sayings of the Baal Shem Tov, the founder of hasidism, arranged
according to the sections of the Torah, the Megillot and the holy days.
.nw-m mnna ,p y ? pnx nxa .niana naoa 'ry : j *i n x no- i a
Commentary on the tractate Berakhot, by Rabbi Aaron Levin of Rzeszow,
prominent leader of the Polish rabbinate and member of the Polish parlia­
ment, who perished during World War II.
xx'p .noo ma^na raon ^y :(7*»bnp *10 *p) p“ *i n a
.□’Di 'a .n"awn ,axr
,/> .3 .pixm* pan a^yt onao nx1?
n "w
ny *inaa)
On the laws of Passover, by Joseph Colon, ca. 1420-1480, a prominent
Italian Talmudist.