Page 167 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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m e r ic an
-”K .w (]^pna .wnya now ’ nxa . a i a a m n a w 1? w i a b a
.n'own ,]”&waya
Sermons, by Rabbi Issachar Berish Eichenstein, who served in Poland before
World War II.
-rax /ixa-iypix ia*?p
nxa .y"wn ‘py n"iw :
a i p n n n a a
n n onaaip) 'ay n " ? , o m t r ’ p .x pbn .mown ,/> j .axaxbax’
.O^XDiaa ixaiypix w n y an nxa pnx
Responsa, by Rabbi Kalonymos Kalman Zukerman of Poland, who died
at the beginning of the second World War.
.•» .x dist ,/> .a iTnrp p nato nxa .a^n m i x by :a ” n n -iso
.□’si n"*>p ,n"y ,x
/X"’.n'own ,rxaiynD
Commentary on the
Shulhan Arukh, Orah Hayyim,
of Joseph Caro, by
Rabbi Solomon Kluger of Brody, 1783-1869.
-inx ,.■» .a .w’*7T”a *?x’ny nxa .naw nooa *?y : a i a ny-rn r y
.am a"x .n"awn ,anson
Commentary on the tractate Shabbat, by Rabbi Uzziel Meisels of Ostrovtse,
a disciple of the Maggid of Meseritz, who died in 1785.
.o m w n n ’r u y ^ n m n n b w n ^ a ^ a y n ’x a n i p a i p
tj">> ,
d w
/T"D .a n m n a .a"awn ,.*> .a
.y "
a n y ^ x -pyi
t p d
A subject concordance on the Torah in Hebrew and English, by Eliezer Katz.
o w n oy ,ans»a iwx nraan ia :a *a
x a n m a
w m m *?x w
/ay n o n .n"awn „■>
.anasra ^ nxa n n y m
Responsa of the Geonim, the heads of the Babylonian academies between
the 6th and 11th centuries, from the Cairo Genizah, edited by the late Prof.
Louis Ginzberg of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.
Vx*iw* ,/> .a . (
bip> nor*) p" *-ina ma i wm mbxw
.am rap .n"awn ,axr
Responsa, by Joseph Colon.
meow ay ,napmai nmn nxxm .p^T nix’aw nxa , i n y j nbw
.T 'v
.n pbn .n'own ,D>*ponn nnx ,r^P*na .poTuraw anaa nxa
/ay V'ypnn ■rann .n"iw ,a"in
/ay -rann'T 'ton
The adaptation of the
Shulhan Arukh
for the use of the hasidim by
Shneor Zalman of Ladi, the founder of the Habad movement, with notes
by their present leader, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson of Brooklyn, N. Y.