Page 178 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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n n u a l
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iy Bin isxwya axn nana nyi b#yi *iyp^ axiix x B’a ,1957
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o r g e n t a u
, L
e y b
Sorrow and joy: poems, 1928-1968: jubilee edition. Tel
Aviv, Hamenorah, 1968. 307 p.
Selections from poetry published in Poland in the years 1937-1957,
with the addition of new poems written on Israeli soil.
,xuya isn'rvi ps ,nnan
ps nyi’1? . om 5x , i y yi y pan b
- t o p ) 7tt 480 .1968
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Byn Bay'?yaiya,’x pxn bxti toyxs yBBYPBXBiyTyisyn n ps
.nana ps naipn x b*b
B-noyao^x ,pnn
Sutzkever, Avrom. Poems of the Dead Sea, of the Vilna ghetto, forest and
wandering. T e l Aviv, Bergen-Belsen Association,
1968. 480
p. (Yizkor
Award Library).
Collection of poems dealing with the holocaust by one of the most
representative poet—survivors.
,pnBX’>ra ,pppB typn^waix iyx n
.bxi fm , BX ’ ay
nyB:ys nywnr -lyBoywBXi ,p*np~Pi .lyni’nixnsx px “ly r 1?
.B1XS /TT 223 .1969 ...(’XTI)
“ly^snyi px *iyBsn jwnr x ps ai'ftaxT ysi
ywnxnys ywnr *n x px Bymyxynnyan vix Bay1?
m io t
, I
sr a e l
For the sake of ten innocents: sketches, miniatures, poems
and book reviews. Rochester, JYM&WA, 1969. 223 p.
Collection of writings of the past few years by a poet and regular
contributor to the Yiddish press.
,nsm .*iy*r,7 yisa y*?x ps . y •> oy s , B n am$ n - r i x - ) y B $ s
.B-IXS 'TT 204 .1969 ,HSm IX'nXS
] r a BDy^BasynxS bxh pnyaan n oxn nysn ps ai^psx
Brx ra 1X3 iyrjT oyn iy*r^ yai a$m x B*>a
px 1926
.Bynxssia px Bpmya ismya b*i
o m e r a n t s
- H
o n ig b a u m
, P
e sye
Of all my poems. Haifa. 1969. 204 p.
Selected by the poetess herself from books which appeared between
1926-1957, with the addition of new poems, hitherto unpublished or pub­
lished in periodicals.