Page 191 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 27

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On long roads: essays and speeches. Jerusalem, Zionist
Library, 1968. 363 p.
Selection of writings covering four decades of Jewish life, by a leader
of the world Zionist movement. Edited by Aaron Alperin.
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Yiddish Dialogues: conferences of the World Jewish Congress. Edited by
Moshe Levani . . . Paris, World Jewish Congress, 1968. 449 p.
Selection of papers read at five symposiums in Yiddish held in various
European cities from 1960 to 1967.
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, B
A. In the shadow of the Kremlin: a personal report on Soviet
Jewry. New York, 1968. 221 p.
A rabbi gives an account of three visits to Soviet Russia, originally
written for publication in serialized form in the Yiddish press.