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Yiddish theatre between the two world wars: Poland. New York, Congress
for Jewish Culture, 1968. 515 p.
Contributions on various phases of Yiddish theatrical activity in
Poland, with an essay on the origins of the Yiddish theater by the late
poet Itsik Manger.
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Biographical Dictionary of Modern Yiddish Literature: vol. 7. New York,
Congress for Jewish Culture, 1968. 616 p.
The seventh volume covering the letters Ayen-Tsadik was edited
by Ephraim Auerback, Jacob Birnbaum, Dr. Elias Shulman and Moshe
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, M
Mixed marriages in Yiddish literature. Buenos Aires,
IWO, 1968. 85 p. (Argentine IWO Library, no. 29).
Short survey of the subject in English and Yiddish fiction, with a
summary of views in modem sociological literature.
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, I
Yiddish proverbs and sayings gathered in Rumania. Tel
Aviv, Hamenorah, 1968. 419 p.
The compiler provided the recorded folkloristic material with an
interpretation of meanings and a list of informants. Prof. Dov Sadan
has supplied an introduction.