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/a y 416 .D"awn na iy ay ,a*ax
The courtyard and the hillock: the story of the Kinneret kvutzvah. Ed. by
Brakhah Habas. Tel Aviv, Am Oved, 5729. 416 p.
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in h a s
Labor society. Tel Aviv, Tarbut ve-Hinukh, 1968. 402 p.
This book and the following one include the collected articles of the
author, one of Histadrut’s leaders and a former member of the cabinet.
474 .rrrwn ,imy ay ,nnx bn .paxai j r y n^naa . o m s , p a ?
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, P
in h a s
On the pathways of reflection and struggle. Tel Aviv, Am
Oved, 5728. 474 p.
A collection of studies and articles.
/a y 4 i i .1968 ,nu«y ,an x bn .manya . n a b w , x*»ab
B’oo’rb a is n ’aiaai m n r y f i a v 'arcana inx bw m a x a raip
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, S
h lom o
Front lines. Tel Aviv, Ayanot, 1968. 411
p .
Collected articles of one of Ein Harod’s founders and an outstanding
publicist of Israel’s labor movement.
.rnb oniax m .B’bun-p ma^n: *rxa . n a n , f a i b " p t n b i a
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, H
a n n a h
He lit up the path of Jerusalem: the life of
Avraham M. Lunz. Jerusalem, Ahiever, 5728. 105 p.
Lunz’s biography as told by his daughter.
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, B
The murder of Bernadotte. Tel Aviv, Y. Gutman, 1968.
166 p.
On the murder of the mediator in the Jewish-Arab conflict following
the establishment of the State.