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publishing selected poems by Jacob Glatstein in her own translation
from the Yiddish. The Harry and Florence Kovner Memorial
Award is being presented to her for her book
The Marriage Wig
and Other Poems.
One reviewer wrote, “With this book I feel she
takes her places as a notable poet on the American scene.”
Leon Jolson Award
The Leon Jolson Award for a book on the Nazi Holocaust is
presented annually by Mr. Jolson, himself a survivor of the Warsaw
Ghetto. He has gained renown as a benefactor of the Jewish
Theological Seminary of America, a founder of the Solomon
Schechter School in Queens, past president of the Forest Hills Jew­
ish Center, and currently a member of the Park Avenue Synagogue.
The judges for the award were Dr. Shlomo Noble, distinguished
author and teacher, Dr. Samuel Gringauz, formerly president of
the Council of Liberated Jews in the U. S. Zone of Germany, whom
I first met after the liberation in the Landsberg D. P. Camp,
Dr. Lothar Kahn, Central Connecticut State College and Dr. Israel
Knox, professor of philosophy at the New York University. T he
judges were in a difficult dilemma this year because there were
several volumes meriting awards. The judges finally decided to
present the award jointly to Dr. Judah Pilch and Miss Nora Levin.
Dr. Pilch is receiving the award for the book he edited and to
which he contributed,
The Jewish Catastrophe in Europe.
Dr. Pilch’s entire career has been devoted to Jewish education.
He has been president of the National Council for Jewish Educa­
tion, of the National Conference for Jewish Social Service, and is
currently president of the Histadruth Ivrith of America. He is
also professor of education at the Jewish Teachers Seminary and
People’s University. Dr. Pilch has written extensively in English,
Hebrew and Yiddish and has more than a half dozen volumes to
his credit.
The Jewish Catastrophe in Europe
was published under
the auspices of the National Curriculum Research Institute of
the American Association for Jewish Education of which Dr. Pilch
has been director. It is essential reading for older youth and adults
so that they might learn of Jewish agony and heroism during the
Hitler days.
Also winner of the Leon Jolson Award is Miss Nora Levin for
her original comprehensive documentary history of the tragic
Holocaust era in modern history. Her book, titled
The Holocaust:
A Tragedy of European Jewry, 1933-1945,
has been selected as an
alternate choice of the Book of the Month Club. I t is a gripping
account of the entire story from the rise of Hitler to power in
Germany up to the extermination of six million Jews. Her reveal­
ing, heart-rending pages are “must” reading for the sake of the