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Jewish future and mankind. A former research librarian, Miss
Levin is a history instructor in Philadelphia. She was formerly
executive secretary of the Philadelphia Council of Pioneer Women.
She has contributed articles to numerous magazines, including
The Jewish Frontier, The Nation
The Reconstructionist. The
is her first book.
Harry and Ethel Daroff Memorial Award
The Harry and Ethel Daroff Memorial Fiction Award is pre­
sented annually by Mr. Joseph Daroff. Previously presented by
him and his late brother Samuel, it is the oldest continuous award
presented by the Jewish Book Council, as it was inaugurated in
1948. The judges for this award were Harold U. Ribalow, well-
known literary critic and author of a dozen books, Dr. Mortimer
J. Cohen, past president of the Jewish Book Council, and
Dr. Maurice Wohlgelernter, literary critic and professor of English
literature at Yeshiva University. Again the judges had many books
from which to make a selection. However, they were unanimous
in selecting
Memory of Autumn
by Dr. Charles Angoff, well-
known not only as a fiction writer and literary critic, bu t also as
an outstanding poet credited with two volumes of poetry. He was
recently elected president of the Poetry Society of America.
He is now professor of English at Fairleigh Dickinson University
and chairman of the Department of Humanities at the Rutherford
campus. He is editor of the international quarterly entitled
Literary Review
and also editor of the Fairleigh Dickinson Univer­
sity Press.
Memory of Autumn
is the sixth volume in the saga of
the Polansky family. In a sense it is a story of American Jewish
life spanning several generations. In reporting on the books he
was reading to make a recommendation for this award, Dr. Mor­
timer J. Cohen wrote in part as follows: “I finished reading
Angoff’s novel. It is a remarkable survey of the years through which
I lived and it is so excellently written that it towers above any
of the stuff being written today. I would select it for first award.
And I would prophesy that when the whole story is completed,
it will be a monument of epic proportions of American life in
the 19th-20th centuries.”
Fran \and Ethel S. Cohen Award
The Frank and Ethel S. Cohen Award for a Book on Jewish
Thought is presented by the ESCO Fund as a memorial to the
late Frank Cohen and in honor of Mrs. Ethel S. Cohen. The judges
were Abraham Berger, former chief of the Jewish Division, New
York Public Library, Dr. Sidney B. Hoenig, professor of Jewish
history at the Yeshiva University, Dr. Joseph L. Blau, professor