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of philosophy at Columbia University, and Dr. Ben Zion Bokser,
rabbi of Forest Hills Jewish Center. T he judges decided to
present the award to Dr. Emil L. Fackenheim for his book
for Past and Future: Essays in Jewish Theology,
his fourth
published volume. The others are
Metaphysics and H istoricity ,
Paths to Jewish Belief,
The Religious Dimension in Hegel's
He has written over 100 articles and reviews for many
leading journals and has been a guest lecturer at several univer­
sities. Dr. Fackenheim, who received a rabbinical degree in Berlin,
is professor of philosophy at the University of Toronto. I should
like to read an excerpt of Dr. Theodore Lewis' review of
for Past and Future
that will appear shortly in our periodical,
In Jewish Bookland.
“Written by a profoundly religious man, and deeply committed
to his people, this volume is certain to strengthen the faith of the
modern Jew in God, and in the destiny of the Jew, and in life.
The basic concept of the author’s faith revolves around the con­
viction that God established a covenant with the people of Israel,
that this covenant is eternal, and that without commitment thereto,
Jewish life is an aimless tragedy.. . He stands in awe only before
God, but not before science, and not before the demi-gods of our
age—Marx and Freud. Secularism he treats with philosophical
disdain. Its ‘f ru it’ has not been sustaining. This scholarly volume
will provide not only inspiration, but also valuable information.”