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works, homiletics and philosophical, theological and mys
writings. As would be expected, much material is acqu
dealing with the State of Israel—its history, politics, econo
geography, sociology, etc. Format ranges from substa
tomes to ephemeral pamphlets, from scholarly volumes to
paganda pamphlets which may some day be the raw mat
for a scholarly work. Although normally beyond the scope of
Program, reprint editions of various rabbinic works have, at
suggestion of participating libraries, been acquired. These ar
special importance since libraries new to the field do not
the original editions (which are, in most cases, impossible to
tain) while established collections which may have the orig
welcome a chance to acquire a copy usually in much b
Many books dealing with non-Jewish topics are also publis
in Israel and a selection of the more significant titles is acqui
In the sciences it includes works in the fields of medicine, engin
ing, agriculture, meteorology, to name a few. The humanities
represented by works in philosophy, the fine arts and literat
The latter range from scholarly Hebrew translations of clas
Greek and Latin authors to bilingual editions of the work
modern African poets, often in impressive bibliophilic editi
Works in the social sciences include history, economics, polit
science and, especially, Middle Eastern studies.
A brief glance through an issue of the monthly accessions
selected at random, February 1967, will serve to illustrate
variety of the material supplied.* Medieval Hebrew poetr
represented by the Jarden edition of the Divan (.Ben-Tehil
of Samuel ha-Nagid; modern Hebrew literature by the work
older writers like Moshe Altman (collected stories) and Jos
Heschel Yeivin (historical fiction), as well as by the work
more recent figures like Itamar Ya’oz-Kest (poetry), Ita
Ben-Hur (fiction), Yitzhak Orpaz (short stories), and Yosi Ga
(satire). The month’s accessions included several juvenile work
established writers, Yehoash Biber and Yitzhak-Yitzhak (Yitz
Ben-Israel), and a volume of Yiddish poetry by Moshe Gurin
the area of Jewish history is a collection of source mate
dealing with the Jews in Spain from 1391 to 1492, edited by H
Beinart and published by the Hebrew University; memoirs
Jewish soldier in World War Two by Tzevi Svet; a Yid
translation of collected biographies by Nahum Sokolov with
introduction by G. Kressel, and an index in English to
minutes of the first Zionist Congress published by the Insti
for Zionist Research of Tel-Aviv University.
* Works are in Hebrew unless otherwise noted.