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B e r l i n —T h e I s r a e l
P rog ram
Variety of Rabbinic Literature Available
The various types of rabbinic literature are well represented.
Among works dealing with the Bible were Ktav Sofer (Abraham
Samuel Benjamin Schreiber-Sofer) commentary on the Pentateuch
(reprint of the Vienna, 1889 edition), a German work on Biblical
exegesis by Issachar Jacobson, a new edition of Nehama Libowitz’s
weekly studies on the Bible, and a source book dealing with the
history of the Biblical text, edited by Professor S. Talmon of the
Hebrew University. Talmudic literature was represented by
volume one of a new edition of the Mishnah with vocalization and
notes on Mishnaic realia as well as by a number of traditional
commentaries on various parts of the Talmud by medieval scholars
such as Isaiah ben Mali di Trani and by later scholars such as
Akiba Eger. Jewish law was represented by a new edition of
Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah as well as by Shaul Schaffer’s bio­
graphy of Isaac ben Jacob Alfasi, Baruch Yashar’s work on priests
and Levites, and Kalman Kahana’s bibliography on autopsy.
Three collections of responsa were sent: Lehem Shelomoh by
Solomon Zalman Ehrenreich, Tzitz Eliezer by Eliezer Judah Wal*
denberg, and Sheelot u-Teshuvot MaHaRAL by Aryeh Loeb Zuenz.
The month’s accessions included several works in the field of ca­
bala: a reprint of the Altona, 1755 edition of Jonathan Eybeschu-
etz’s Luhat Edut dealing with his controversy with Jacob Emden,
a reprint of the Jerusalem, 1868/69-1874/75 edition of Sason ben
Mosheh’s commentary on Hayyim Vital’s cabalistic treatise Etz
Hayyim. An unusual item was a collection of sermons in Judeo-
Persian by Rahamim Melammed.
As usual, the month’s accessions included many items dealing
with various aspects of the State of Israel. There were a number
of publications of government ministries and other bodies: several
volumes of the 1961 population and housing census and a report
on national income originating in agriculture, both published by
the Central Bureau of Statistics; a report by the Ministry of
Tourism on the development of tourism in Israel; a survey of
electronic technicians in Israel, published by the Ministry of
Labour’s Manpower Planning Authority. Various monographs on
aspects of the Israeli economy included Zvi Livne’s history of
Hamashbir Hamerkazi (Israel Co-operative Wholesale Society),
Itzhak Kanev’s study of public expenditure on social security
and social services in Israel (in English), Mordecai Reicher’s
history of Jewish labor in Petah-Tikvah, and a five-year report
issued by Hakibbutz Hameuhad (United Kibbutz). Reports of the
Bnai Akiba (Religious Zionist Youth) and of the Poale Zion
(Socialist Zionist party), memorial volumes issued by Kefar Pines
(a moshav) and Daliyya (a kibbutz) in memory of deceased mem­
bers, a work on Masada (in English) issued by the National Parks