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B e r l in — T h e I s r a e l
P ro g ram
States was diminishing more rapidly than had been anticipated
and that additional allocations would not be made available for
the rest of 1969 and possibly 1970. Therefore, the Program was
discontinuing acquisition of monograph publications for all ex­
cept the Library of Congress. Participants would continue, how­
ever, to receive periodicals. Various solutions to this problem are
being explored, and it is to be hoped that a solution will be found
to permit the continuation of the Program at its former level, or
even increase its activity. The experience of the past five years
has shown that the Israel PL-480 Program is making a very signifi­
cant contribution to the development and strengthening of Amer­
ican library resources in the field of Jewish studies.
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PL-480 newsletter.
Washington, D.C. no. 1-16 (Oct. 1961 -
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