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e w i s h
o o k
n n u a l
Max Weinreich avouched the conviction that great Jewish
attainments will never expire. Every reversal convinced him all
the more that his cause was worthy and that ultimate triumph
was inevitable. In this spirit he produced many works, trained
many students, and created an Institute which will always endure
as a monument to his name and to his faith. He was a man of rare
talents, rare energy, of rare powers of persuasion and organization
but, above all, he was an unflawed example of what he himself
prized most: Jewish creativity (both via concentration on internal
resources and via fruitful interaction with world cultures), Jewish
awareness of the past, Jewish trust in the future, and Jewish
courage in the face of whatever may befall. On three continents he
strengthened and inspired those fortunate enough to be his stu­
dents, colleagues and friends. They will surely carry on his work-
difficult as it may be—for he would certainly have wanted no other
more feasible memorial.
Koved zayn ondenk.
sponsorship of the Atran Foundation (see
Yedies fun YIVO,
1968, no. 107,
pp. 3* and 8* or 3 and 6) . The summer program was initiated during the
summer of 1968 and is scheduled to be repeated during the summer of 1969.