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t e in ba ch
— S
olom on
tural standards of Jewish life in America. His activity in the
American Jewish Historical Society did not cease; he was elect-
ed its recording secretary in 1956.
His one volume
A H istory of the Jews
was published by JPS
in 1947. (This writer used it as a textbook in some of his con-
firmation classes.) Again the voice of “divine discontent” could
not be silenced. A new edition of the history, which Dr. Gray-
zel revised and brought up to date to include the Six Day
War in Israel, saw the light of day in 1968, together with a
paperback (Mentor). Earlier, in 1960, his
A H istory of the
Contemporary Jews: from 1900 to the Present
was added to
his mounting scholarly output. This schedule of writing in
addition to his numerous JPS responsibilities did not inhibit
his contributing articles to the
Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
and to scholarly periodicals.
The following partial enumeration of Grayzel's essays and
monographs will attest his prolificness:
“The Avignon Popes and the Jews,”
H istoria Judaica,
“Christian Jewish Relations,”
Essays on Anti-Semitism
York, 1946).
“References to the Jews in the Correspondence of John XXII,”
Hebrew Union College Annual,
XXIII, Part Two (1950-
“Two Generations of Anglo-Jewish Book Reading,”
Annual of Jewish Social Science,
IX (1954).
“Jewish References in a Thirteenth-Century Formulary,”
Jewish Quarterly Review ,
XLVI (July 1955).
“The Confessions of a Medieval Jewish Convert,”
H istoria
XVII (1955).
“The Papal Bull
Sicut Judaeis,” Studies and Essays in Honor
of A. A. Neuman
(Philadelphia, 1962).
“Jews and the Ecumenical Councils,”
75th Anniversary Vol-
ume of Jewish Quarterly Review
“The Jews and Roman Law,”
LIX (1968).
“The Talmud and the Medieval Papacy,”
Essays in Honor
of Solomon B. Freehof
(Pittsburgh, Pa., 1964).
In 1957 Dr. Grayzel received significant recognition—the Na-
tional Jewish Welfare Board voted him the Frank L. Weil