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te in ba ch
— I
ntroduct ion
Editorial Advisory Board of the
Jewish Book Annual,
and merited
his reputation as a genuine lover of the Jewish book. He authored
the Yiddish monograph “Jewish Book Collections in American
Libraries and Universities” and the English article “Rabbi Judah
Leib Maimon” for the
Mr. Kerstein was a constructive influence in the National Coun-
cil of Torah Education of Mizrachi-Hapoel Hamizrachi, for more
than 40 years associated with the Jewish National Fund, and
actively associated in various capacities with organizations cen-
tered in America, in Israel, and in Canada. From time to time his
articles appeared in the columns of the
Day-Morning Journal,
as vice-president and head of the Bloch Publishing Co. Judaica
and Hebraica Department, he produced and edited a book bulletin
which was actually a valuable compendium of book lore. He will
surely be missed.
Of Shmuel Yosef Agnon, Nelly Sachs and Zechariah Meshullam
Kerstein we pronounce reverently
Zekher tzadikim livrakhah.
On a happy note, we extend a warm
tzetkha le-shalom
to our
colleague Dr. Yudel Mark, Associate Editor of the Jewish Book
Annual and Executive Board member of the Jewish Book Council
of America, who has settled in Israel. The erudite Editor-in-Chief
o f the new
Great Dictionary of the Yiddish Language
has been a
tower of strength in our midst, and though we meticulously strive
to eschew cliches, we must truthfully aver that our loss is Israel’s
Also on a happy note, we express our profound gratitude to
Rabbi Philip Goodman for his leadership and guidance over the
years. His modesty is exceeded only by his dedication and sincere
commitment to the Jewish Book Council and to the
Jewish Book
I am certain I voice the sentiment of all the men and
women in the Council and on the
when I paraphrase the
Talmudic truism “As the generation, so the leader,” to “As the
leader, so his associates.” Our Managing Editor is really one who
manages inspiringly and understandingly.
Sof davar!
Jewish Book Annual
is a group project, the
product of a cooperative effort. Our thanks go out to our sponsor,
the National Jewish Welfare Board, and our hearty congratula-
tions are conveyed to Mr. Herbert Millman, recently promoted
to the office of Executive Vice-President of JWB. He will assuredly
receive our energetic cooperation in expanding the frontiers of
Jewish culture.
We acknowledge our indebtedness to the Lucius N . Littauer