Page 167 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 28

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I. E
b b o t t
, W
a l t e r
M. and others, eds. The Bible reader. New York, Bruce,
1969. 160 p.
Selections from the Bible with an interfaith commentary by clergy-
men from Christian and Jewish denominations including Rabbi Arthur
Gilbert of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College.
b r a h a m
b a r
a y y a
The meditation of the sad soul. New York, Schocken,
1969. 160 p.
An English translation of the mystical work prepared by Geoffrey
Wigoder of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
d l e r
H. G. The Jews in Germany. South Bend, University of Notre Dame,
1969. 128 p.
The author tries to prove that the anti-Jewish excesses of the Nazis
proceeded the rise of modern anti-Semitism and grew since the enlight-
enment in the 1700s.
A gu s ,
r v in g
A. The heroic age of Franco-German Jewry. New York,
Yeshiva University, 1969. 380 p.
An historical analysis based on Rabbinic sources of the political and
social conditions of the Jews in France and Germany in the 10th and
11th centuries, by the professor of Jewish history at Yeshiva University.
l l e n t u c k
, M
a r c ia
ed. The achievement of Isaac Bashevis Singer. Car-
bondale, Southern Illinois University, 1969. 177 p.
A critical evaluation of the novelist’s depiction of Jewish life in
l t m a n n
, A
l e x a n d e r
Studies in religious philosophy and mysticism. Ith-
aca, N. Y., Cornell University, 1969. 308 p.
Essays and lectures on trends in Jewish philosophy and the Kabbalah
o f the middle ages.
American Jewish year book: vol. 70, 1969. Ed. by Milton Himmelfarb
and Morris Fine. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society; New York,
American Jewish Committee, 1969. 603 p.
Summaries of events and trends in Jewish religious, social and cul-
tural life and special essays on Jewish education, Jewish theology and
Max Weinreich.
m i c h a i
, Y
e h u d a
Poems. New York, Harper &Row, 1970. 67 p.
Translated from the Hebrew by Assia Gutman.
n d e r s o n
, F
r a n c i s
I. The Hebrew verbless clause in the Pentateuch.
Nashville, Tenn., Abingdon Press, 1970. 128 p.
A scientific study using modern linguistic techniques o f about 2,000
Hebrew clauses by the Professor of Old Testament literature at the
Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, Cal.